Thanksgiving Day Conversation

Happy Turkey Day!

Sorry international readers, today is Thanksgiving in ‘Merica, and that means you get to celebrate too. Mi Thanksgiving es su Thanksgiving, capisce?

Anyway, today we will be stuffing our faces and bonding with family. There won’t be much baseball news, but feel free to share random baseball thoughts here just the same.  Funny stories about Thanksgiving recipe disasters and outrageous family doings are welcome as well.  Basically, feel free to go random here as we always do.

In honor of our annual holiday tradition, I offer this link to the greatest Thanksgiving TV episode ever made. As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

73 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Conversation

  1. Ah, yes… U.S. Thanksgiving… where Americans gratefully and humbly give thanks for everything they have on Thursday, then go out and beat the crap out of each other on Friday in order to buy something they don’t need because it is on sale. ‘Murica!!

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  2. I lobbied hard for prime rib today, but was voted down in favor of all the bland, taste-free, traditional stuff. But my revenge will be tomorrow. While all the rest of my family is engaged in that Black Friday hand-to-hand combat frenzy, I’m gonna be out on the river, merrily floating through the scenery, fishing, and enjoying the solitude.
    Everybody have a good day today. Stay safe, eat until you’re stuffed, and have fun. See ya.

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    • Too bad for you. We are having both deep fried turkey (because some attendees insist on it) as well as deep fried prime rib (because some of us are not idiots).

      This will be about the 5th year in a row for the prime rib. It is fantastic. Rub put on yesterday, put in a “turkey fryer”, which gives a great sear. The ends wind up well done, and the middle is rare to medium-rare. Last year, the hosts wife packed up a lot of the left over prime rib and sent it home with people, including me…apparently, she heard about it the next day when he found out. Holy crap is that stuff good.


      • Holy crap!!! I gotta try that. The prime rib, that is. I don’t really care for domesticized, hormonally enhanced birds. Wild turkey, OTOH ( the avian kind) is some kinda wonderful.


        • Yeah, domestic turkey is pretty sucky….I don’t mind the dark meat, the breast is useless though….but with the prime rib on hand, I don’t eat any turkey.

          It really is awesome and fun. When the prime rib comes out of the fryer, all the guys are outside (or get out there quickly), out come the pocket knives and everyone starts carving off the sizzling crispy ends…until we get yelled at…though usually everyone carves off one more piece after we get yelled out…because that is about how long it takes for someone to get it away from us and take it inside to slice.

          …and the left overs of it are fantastic. I usually just put a dab of olive oil in a super hot skillet and hit each side for about 30 seconds. Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm.


        • I have to say, the first year we were all dubious…the guy that suggested it brought the prime rib on his own and put it in after the turkey. It was a monstrous hit and is now pretty standard at both Thanksgiving and Easter gatherings….everyone looks forward to it.


        • Smoked wild boar is the way to go. When I lived in west TX that was a standard of many of our large parties. One of the guys was fantastic at smoking meats….and the boar as the best of them.


        • I’ve had wild hog before, and love it. Just never in the deep fryer. Thought that, especially per your prime rib, it would be great there.

          I’ve lived in Odessa, and across the state line in Hobbs, on my peregrinations (that’s for you, Gator) in work life.

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      • One of the hard things for me to get used to in Massachusetts was eating Thanksgiving dinner at night — instead of in the afternoon, and then cards and football until seconds in the evening. Why eat other stuff all day?


    • We’ll have the bland bird and because we have taste buds, pernil. Ask Yoenis Cespedes what pernil is. Although, our bird won’t be bland. We use mojo and other seasonings. Latinos must have flavor. Give us sabor or give us death. The year I made the turkey, I literally injected the bird with mojo.

      Prime rib does sound good.


      • I’m a deep-south, lily-white, WASP-ish sort. Raised on the white food groups.
        Somewhere, I went completely off the rails, food wise. I crave spicy food,
        Southwesterm Mexican, Cajun, Thai all of those like Keith Richards craves drugs. Cannot abide the tasteless stuff generally served at holiday meals.
        My family hates it when I cook for them.


    • You guys really need to try this one:
      Deep Fried Pot Roast
      Chuck Roast, potatoes, onions, carrots, salt, pepper, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary

      Rub your roast with spices.
      Place meat and vegetables in super-size colander your cousin stole when he worked at that pasta place. Seal top with overlapping layers of chicken wire – if you use electrical wire REMEMBER TO STRIP OFF THE PLASTIC COATING! Immerse and stand back. Cook for 15-20 mins and enjoy!


  3. Our main lunchtime meal is lasagna. Two giant pans with all the garlic bread and cheesy bread you could ever want. If people are still hanging around later in the day and want to stuff their faces again, then someone will either fire up the grill for some burgers or pull some kind of coldcuts-and-cheese platter out of the fridge.

    But none of that is happening until Saturday, because A) we don’t give a fuck….and B) some folks can’t get into town because they are working today, as hospitals and casinos don’t shut down for pretty much any reason ever.


      • No love for the casino peep? Would it help if I told you he just sits in a room and watches the security videos all day?

        What if I said he has EMT skillz (even though he’s literally never had to use them on the job)?


      • Casinos are not gambling. Pay for entertainment that gives you the illusion that you are not paying. They are just designed to most effectively separate you from your money. No props for helping casinos take peoples money on a holiday. A guy that I should see today works security at a casino as well, he usually works on Thanksgiving, but doesn’t have to go in until around 3 pm, but I think he took off today….his wife usually “makes” him volunteer to work holidays because he is paid time and a 1/2 or double time for working it.


      • I could go on a rant about casinos and gambling. Have seen too many people destroyed by it. I have no respect for the career of anyone who works in the field.


      • When I worked at the hospital, I would volunteer for the holidays. Time and a half pay, getting out of awkward family dinners, and helping someone else out? Win, win, win! Now I work at an outpatient place that shuts down for the holidays so that’s not an option anymore. The poor patients though. Thanksgiving and any holiday at a hospital can be depressing for them. We tried to cheer it up, but it’s still a hospital. Not fun.

        I feel for the workers today at places like Walmart, working for minimum wage to feed people’s greed. F*** Walmart.

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        • When I worked at a seven-day daily, as a copy editor, as low person on the totem pole, I didn’t get a choice, but most the holidays weren’t bad. We usually had a smallish issue coming out the next day and work itself wasn’t too bad. (And, we got a “holiday” day or days elsewhere in the week.)

          And, yeah, I’m sure it’s no fun to be in the hospital on any major social holiday.


  4. I will be eating with the butter-and-salt side of the family. I come home feeling like the Michelin man from all the salt every year, and then spend three days flushing it all out. I am not allowed to bring any of my “healthy” spiced foods, so I am going to eat and wash a few dishes and be lazy. Not kidding, here is the menu: turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans with a butter crust, broccoli-cheese casserole, chicken and homemade noodles, ambrosia, rolls, and pie. The green beans are only included because I asked for a vegetable, but you might as well not bother with all that butter (I guess some vinegar and pepper wasn’t an option). Anyway, there will be empty seats this year at the table and football on the TV, I expect. If we aren’t in a food coma, we will play cards between servings.


  5. My in-laws are having something catered from some local country club type place. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing, but one thing is sure. I don’t have to eat their horrible dressing, which I choke down every holiday. My father-in-law goes through all these special hoops to make it special for me so I just can’t say no, it would hurt his feelings.


      • They picked everything up yesterday and have to reheat it, they just don’t have to really cook anything. I mean, it’s just the four of us, it makes sense.


  6. I know I’ve said it before, but I’d like to offer a very sincere thank you to every one of you. The writers, the readers, the commentators, everyone. I never once thought I would end up having a place like this, filled with so many people I feel I can call friend, and it’s something I’ve very grateful to have. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Thank you for giving us a chance, and thank you for making this place what it is today. I can only hope we have many Thanksgivings together in the coming years.

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