Exciting Site Announcement!

food Network

I am very pleased to announce, that due to recent expanded interest on the site, that we have entered into a new agreement, and will now becoming a part of the Food Network.  It seems that we have gained the attention of a few foodies, and all of our recent recipes and food talk has become the talk of the kitchen so to say.  I was contacted just an hour ago by representatives of the Food Network.  It seems they are attempting to gain a little more headway into the blogging networks, and want to begin that push with us.  So from this moment on, we will cease ALL baseball related discussion and will focus solely on recipes, kitchen tricks, and helpful advice for budding chefs out there.  I knew I could count on all of you!  Happy Thanksgiving!

To get things started, I thought I’d share this very helpful, and timely article.

25 thoughts on “Exciting Site Announcement!

      1. You had me going through, I’ll give you that you bastard! As a chef I was intrigued, as a baseball fan I was a little upset but thought bandwidth is not free so if that’s what it takes….?

        I can spot Bravos satire after the first paragraph and ( not that his satire isn’t well written..it really, really is) bought it up until I read Historio’s comment.

        Why…Why toy with my feel like that? Bastard

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      2. Scouts, can you format the brackets? They were in the right place before I hit post. For some reason I CARE how my comments come off here and would prefer that I at least look like I have a passing familiarity of grammar.

        I promise I won’t bug you every time, but this time and every other post is cool though….right?

        Thanks for making this site.

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    1. I’ve always said goose has that big duck flavor.™ I slice thin and saute the liver with similarly thinly sliced apples, onions and sage. Incidentally, the roasting of the sacrificial goose, per Girard, was meant to obscure the collapse of Benedict Arnold’s invasion of Canada.

      I’ve got a goolproof recipe for foose that I’ll post here as we get closer to the day.


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