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Just to be clear, I want everyone to know that the addition of the RSS feeds will in NO way affect the content we are producing. It is not there as a replacement for posts or to be used as a crutch by our writers in any way. I don’t want anyone thinking “well, Trade Rumors already broke it, so why bother.” The RSS is there solely to provide additional value to our readers. To allow more information to get to the reader, and to allow for more of a one stop shop for news as it were. We will still be posting as normal because that allows for the most important aspect of the site:User interaction through commentary and discussion.

The RSS feeds will also allow our writers to not feel that they have to RUSH to get an article out, rather be allowed to take the time to write up the article properly and provide the initial starting point for conversation.


So, we are starting to get some serious viewership around here.  Things are taking off.  I’m so incredibly proud of our staff and the readers and the commentators around here.  This place is starting to feel a little like home, and home feels nice.  So, once again, thank you everyone for all your hard work in writing, hunting down news, coming up with topics of discussion, reading our writing, and commentating.  We are starting to get noticed around the web, and our following continues to grow.  As always, we are a site in continual progress, never willing to rest on our laurels.  Also, big high five for me for spelling laurels correctly the first time without the need for auto-correct.

star wars baseballSpeaking of changes, I’ve made a few changes to the site this morning.  I finally dug into some of the customization options and realized I can link to other sites’ RSS feeds.  I’m feeling kind of stupid for not picking up on that the first time around.  Either way, you should now see links to the latest MLBTrade Rumors, MLB.com and Rotoworld articles.  Let me know if there’s anyother great RSS feeds you’d like to see featured.

In order to make room for the new RSS feeds, I moved a few features that were on the left down to the bottom, the authors grid, the archive, and our own RSS feed link.  If you used these features, it’ll add a little extra scrolling, but in the end it helps the layout of the site immensely, and just feels better down there.

We are getting close to a few major announcements in the coming months (Official Domain Name), so stay tuned for that bit of wonderfulness.

And finally, I’m attaching a quick poll.  I’m considering setting up a Twitter account for the site, and setting the site up to automatically twitter each article we post.  The young kids tell me it will help with branding, whatever the hell that is.  I think kids today are just too lazy to hit the refresh button and want adults to read articles for them.  Come to think of it I’d love it if I could get Morgan Freeman to follow me around and read every website I found out-loud to me.  Anyways, back on track.  Would you like us to setup a Twitter account?  Would it make it easier for you to stay up to date with us?  I don’t expect to Tweet much, other than article links, but it would be out there in the Twitters, and that can’t be a completely terrible thing right?


59 thoughts on “Updated – Site Updates

    1. Does anyone still use Facebook? I mean I could sign up for a FB account I guess. The other options are Google+ which no one uses, LinkedIn, which is more for business, Tumbler, which I dunno, I guess maybe?, and Path, which I have no clue what that is. Also there’s this thing called Evenbrite, which seems to be about scheduling events or something.


      1. I think FB has too much creep to it. Twitter would be okay (you don’t have to put a bunch of profile BS there), but beyond that, I’m not a social media person. Do you want to snapchat baseball pics?

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      2. Tumblr…now, that I can help with. I’m a long time loser, er…user of the site. There is a small baseball fandom afoot, which I am part of. Dunno if you’d want to set up a blog there but if Denny’s can do it, so can we.

        Don’t expect too much from it, though. Generally tumblr is good for Marvel nerds, girls who watch the Hunger Games, porn gifs, and bronies.


      1. Do you know how I learned Santa wasn’t real? We used to leave out milk and cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. One year, my dad said: I think Santa might prefer a Budweiser. I said: Awwww, you’re “Santa.” 😦

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      2. Santa was never real for me. I think I was probably 3, maybe 4, when Mom told me Santa wasn’t real. It wasn’t until I got in trouble in kindergarten for saying that Santa wasn’t real that I discovered that I was very much in the minority in terms of having that information at that age.

        At the time, the reasoning she used was that the presents are more meaningful if you know they come from someone who loves you instead of some stranger. I would later learn that the primary reason she told me that Santa wasn’t real was because she didn’t want me to think that Jesus wasn’t real…..her logic being that when I discovered that “invisible magical Santa” isn’t real and she had lied to me about that, I might then conclude she was also lying about the realness of “invisible magical Jesus” too.


      3. Mom never let us believe in Santa. She was very poor as a child and her Tres Reyes gifts would consist of socks, a toothbrush, and if she was lucky, a paper doll. She thought she was a very bad little girl to receive such terrible gifts. She didn’t want us to think we were bad kids if we didn’t the gifts we wanted from some magical BMI challenged guy with diabetes in a red suit. It was just that we couldn’t afford it.

        We do Santa with our kids but I really suck at it due to ambivalence. I don’t know how the kids haven’t figured it out yet. I hate the whole “Good List” and “Bad List.” I also feel like I’m lying, which I am. Why did we have to do this? Why can’t we just give gifts because it’s a nice thing to do?

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      4. My sis was a year younger than me. (And still is!) So, when I figured it out, I didn’t spill the beans, just in case that meant no Santa gifts for me, while she still got them another year.


      5. I am sure all of you are shocked (SHOCKED! I tell ‘ya), to find out that I have been a pessimistic somebitch since I was a wee lad. According to legend (i.e, my dad’s story telling), when I was 4 I came down stairs Christmas morning and said, “What’s all this junk?” Again, that is according to my dad. I’m not sure that really happened because if it did, I don’t think I would have survived the day.

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    1. That could be a typo in two ways…

      “Who’s awesome? You’re awesome!” is grammatically correct, but then again so is “Whose awesome? Your awesome!”



  1. I made a Twitter account once but gave up cause I didn’t know how to do some, eh, tweet stuffs, I tried posting a message/video about Derek Jeter (to D.J Short of HBT) getting mobbed by Japanese Baseball fans during his time in Tokyo, Japan just this year early in the season but nothing happened. I also haven’t used facebook for like 5 years, so I kinda forgot my username and password, same with Twitter… I’m pretty with this though.


      1. I think I’m probably the only 19 year old kid in class who don’t have these kinds of social media stuffs. FB was fine, but Twitter was…… (0__0) a heck lot complicated.


  2. I have zero interest in any/all social media goings-on. I’ve got no problems with anyone/everyone else here wants to incorporate those things into this site, just don’t expect me to have any part of that stuff.


  3. I’m campaigning for Twitter. Even if you don’t use/hate Twitter with the burning heat of a thousand suns, it’s a great, free way to get some more followers. Although it won’t help me follow the site, I still voted yes because I think it’s a good way to get the word out.

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    1. I don’t use any social networks of note. However both Twitter and FB are popular and many of our audience and potential audience are on them. I believe they can be mostly automated too so that its not a real chore to maintain them.

      Good job on the RSS feeds, I would add one for HBT if possible because while we may be annoyed at them they still have good content and it would put us in a position to being the primary stop for their readers (with them clicking out to articles there from here).


      1. I currently still check HBT a couple times a week to scan the headlines. Just having a feed so I see if I’m missing anything would make this place more of a one stop shop.


  4. Twitter is great for 140 characters of pure sarcasm. Living in a state governed by Dr. Strangelove, I mean Greg Abbott, with the current state AG and former governor both under indictment, with the junior senator and Lite Guv trying to out-wingnut each other, and neither of them holding a candle to the “person” (reptile?) who is now my Congresscritter, Gohmert Pyle (aka Louie Gohmert) I give it plenty of workout.

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    1. Oh Jesus, you have Gohmert for a rep? How do you get up and face the world in the morning?

      I find great release in sending excessively sarcastic and condescending E-mails to our beloved Governor. My current mode of address is “Governor Jade Helm.” I haven’t gotten to wheelchair jokes yet. But honestly, he is the only thing between us and a certifiable psychotic in the job. (Dan Patrick)

      No jackboots kicking in the door yet.

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  5. Twitter is dumb. I have a twitter account for my company that has like 12 total tweets in 2 years… 11 of which are re-tweets. But the STUPID search bar and tweet bar look the same. Stupid me is constantly having to delete tweets that make no sense for a consumer electronics company to be making.

    ie. This morning my company tweeted: “David Price”.

    God dammit.

    I vote no on twitter is my long story short.


    1. Your company tweeted the name “David Price” and that’s it? I mean, he’s a great pitcher and all, but really? That’s hilarious. I’m dying laughing right now. I think I found the problem. Twitter can be a useful tool for communication and publicity if used appropriately i.e. not how your consumer electronic company uses it. Twitter is not dumb, but whoever is running your Twitter account… I don’t want to say he or she is dumb, but um, what is wrong with that person?


  6. Scouts, the RSS stuff takes up a lot of room on the righthand margin. I also think you should add a link to “older posts” under the “most recent” staff posts.


        1. It does not, but that’s ok, because I think both left and right rails are too distracting from the main articles. I’m actually really happy with the current design, other than maybe the header image and the background color could use a slight tweak

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      1. I agree with all points Scouts. As it stands now the layout is pretty good. The RSS is just about perfect size and placement IMO.

        Having a slightly more customized/professional set of graphics would be nice, but obviously its really not that big a deal, especially pre-domain name.


      2. Thinking about it for a moment, having an actual masthead would be nifty, having just a “home” link under the banner is a bit odd. Maybe a link to an authors page, an about us and other stuff beneath the top graphic would work. Agian though, not a big deal.


  7. Just one thing, and no I don’t know how to do it, but if you add a link (like MLB trade) you need to set it to open in a new tab/window so you don’t lose the clicker. I’m no Big Kahuna, but I like to surf sometimes and if the link takes me to a new location I usually don’t want to lose the old one until I’m sure I’ve checked it out.


  8. I like the RSS stuff, but as per Gator, it would be nice to have a link to an “Archive” of articles.

    As for Twitter, I voted “no” as Twitter is for twits.


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