Reyes 911 Call Released

The 911 call made by the hotel security personnel leading to Jose Reyes’ arrest for domestic violence has been released.  As you are probably aware, Reyes was taken into custody for assaulting his wife, Katherine, on October 31st during their family vacation in Hawai’i. Apparently, the incident occurred in the afternoon — the alleged assault reportedly took place around 2:30pm — and Reyes was purportedly intoxicated at the time. You can listen to the 911 call here:

Two things for the security dudes:

  1. “We just had an adult female get into an argument” is not the proper way to report the situation.  What you say is: “We have an alleged domestic violence situation involving male and female parties.”  The first statement suggests the woman is somehow at fault (because she is identified as an aggressive participant) and removes the alleged attacker (the subject) from the VIOLENCE (action). The reason you are calling to report it is because the man involved physically attacked the woman — not because she got into an argument. Arguments are not crimes and do not necessarily lead to violence. Please report the crime and not focus on the victim’s involvement.
  2. “The female” is not the proper way to refer to a woman — it is grammatically incorrect and, accordingly, insulting. Female is an adjective — not a noun. Please do not reduce us to our attributes. Note that the security officer refers to Reyes as “the male party,” even though Katherine is “the female” (though she is mentioned first in the sentence).  We are nouns too, thank you, and you can recognize that as much for us as for the men.

Reyes’ attorney entered a “not guilty” plea in court yesterday on his behalf, and the case will continue to progress through the normal legal hurdles channels.

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