Atlanta Braves Sign Bud Norris

The Atlanta Braves have signed pitcher Bud Norris to a one year deal worth 2.5 million.


Last season, Norris posted a 3-11 record with a 6.72 ERA.  He began the season with the Orioles where he was demoted from starting into a bullpen role and eventually designated for assignment.  He eventually landed in San Diego, where his performance further declines, and eventually wore out his welcome.

The Braves hope Norris is able to return to his 2014 form, when went 15-8 with a 3.65 ERA and pitched quite well in several key playoff games.

Norris represents a low cost arm that will likely eat up a few innings likely joining a young rotation that already includes  Julio Teheran, Shelby Miller, Matt Wisler, Williams Perez and Mike Foltynewicz.

The addition of Norris does bring into question with the Braves plan to do with Shelby Miller and Julio Teheran


5 thoughts on “Atlanta Braves Sign Bud Norris

    1. We had our office party yesterday, because we were doing the pagination for our Friday issue today. I had leftover smoked/marinated turkey in sammiches (healthy high-fiber whole wheat) with cheddar and mayo. Leftover green bean casserole on the side.


      1. It’s not. Especially when I know, deep down in my gut, that they are going to do everything in their power to get rid of Shelby Miller and/or Julio Teheran. Blah.

        But shout out to Scout for linking my Bud Norris hate to an article on how my team just got him.

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