The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Last night’s tribute to Simon and Garfunkel was fun. Let’s try it again, but with a different favorite 60’s musical group.


Darlin’, I don’t know much:  Apparently, I don’t know much about what kind of trade shenanigans the Braves are up to, even though I’ve been watching this stuff like a hawk.

They are also mentioning Julio Teheran in any sort of deal, as well.

I am kind of eeeeh about Julio Teheran. I have seen him pitch in person four times. Each of those four times has been a loss. I know he has good stuff, but he’s incredibly spotty. You know within three pitches if Good Julio or Bad Julio has shown up to the park that day.

Shelby Miller was always going to be a rent-an-arm. Getting him from the Cardinals in the Heyward deal meant that he wasn’t going to stay in Atlanta for long. Not the way that team does things. A lot of people like him but I honestly think he’ll be gone before pitchers and catchers report. Will it be to the Cubs? Who knows? All I know is that the Braves will probably let go of one or both of them and God help us all if they get even more middle relief or questionable starting pitchers.

You can live without direction/And you don’t have to be perfection:  The big rumor this evening is the Feesh’s Ozuna heading west to Seattle for Roenis Elias. Jerry Crasnick of ESPN is reporting it right now, with other MLB beat reporters following. Our own Old Gator gave us the rundown on the Ozuna mess, but it appears that Scrooge McLoria is dead set on getting rid of him.

Give me a ticket for an aeroplane/Ain’t got time to take a fast train:  So, this is a thing, apparently – Baseball games in London. Last year the Dodgers played over in Australia for MLB’s opening day. There’s no word yet on whether these would be pure exhibition games, part of the World Baseball Classic, or something else. I have a friend, born and raised in Scotland, who is a die hard D’Backs fan (World Series + Insomnia = a native Scot being a baseball fan). This is something he would take the bus to London for. Get on that, MLB!

7 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. What a pointless endeavor it’s gotta be rooting for the Braves. Maybe selling, getting rid of anyone who might put asses in the seats, a five year rebuild is the earliest they will be competitive, and even that is if the new ownership doesn’t just use it like a piggy bank. That would provoke me into jumping ship. Good luck Ren, you’ll be looking like Craig in no time.


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