The Midnight Snack – A Brew Crew Special

Hi, I’m Prof, I’m in my late 30s, and I’m obsessed with a damn boy band song. My life is a hot mess. Sadly, all I can think about are the lyrics to this obviously Fleetwood Mac-inspired piece of Britpop. This doesn’t help me write about baseball, but whatever.


From the windy, frozen hell of Cheeselandia comes an interesting trade –

Villar usually plays shortstop, which is currently manned by Jean Segura. However, Segura has been an open candidate for the Brewers for a while now, and as McCalvy notes on his twitter feed, it’s more likely that Segura will eventually leave Milwaukee now.

This opens up a lot of possibility for the Brewers. Villar is apparently versatile in the infield. The Brewers have a heavily touted prospect at SS coming up soon, so Villar may end up playing third, a position that is pretty open within the organization.

While Villar’s not a power hitter, he does a better job getting on base than many of the guys the Brewers trotted out last year to play short and third, plus he adds an added dimension of stealing bases. As someone who watches the Brewers on a regular basis, I can honestly say that this is a quality trade for Milwaukee.

I’m curious what our Astros correspondent has to say about this deal.



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