Russell Branyon is a Cold Cold Dude

Former MLB journeyman Russell Branyan was arrested Monday in Nashville for allegedly breaking into his ex-wife’s house, stealing some things, and then fucking with her thermostat. For real.

He should know better than to do such an egregious thing, I would think:


9 thoughts on “Russell Branyon is a Cold Cold Dude

      • Well a day ago…now it’s two ago and tomorrow shall be three 🙂 Anytime we can top HBT with either quality and/or timing, it’s a win. I (almost) have no need to go back, since everyone on here generally keeps me up to date with all things baseball, but I still peruse their headlines for interesting things. It’s a shell of former self though.

        I’m really enjoying our international tilt now, and I think we need more posts from or about South American and Central American baseball. Okay, fine, I’ll look into it, geesh stop twisting my arm.


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