MLB was not so happy with Fallout 4 mod (game) showing Redsox David Ortiz

Copy right infringement? I dunno… maybe. Here’s the whole story of it.

Meanwhile, Richard Branson (the one who modified Ortiz in that game) has some explanations…

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“Ortiz is a heavy hitter, man. He’s big, he’s massive, so I figured he’d be the right one to survive the apocalypse.”

14 thoughts on “MLB was not so happy with Fallout 4 mod (game) showing Redsox David Ortiz

  1. A few points here –

    This is a fan made modification to the game. It is not made by the game developer, Bethesda.
    This is pretty clearly Fair Use. In the context of the game it is not unlikely that old memoriabilia would be found in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic society, and such a jersey would be a real historical artifact. If the modder had instead tried to build a game of baseball or the Red Sox team in they might have a case. A single jersey/uniform? I doubt it.
    MLB has bigger lawyers, so even though they are in the wrong I won’t be shocked when the mod vanishes.

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  2. Seems pretty lame of MLB to go after a guy for a simple mod, especially one that he’s not even charging for. You would think that MLB would have better things to do than go after the little guy like this. Makes them look petty and small time. Next thing you know, they’ll go after some kid who puts a funny meme on Twitter.

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    • It’s the short-attention-span influence. The “reporters” have short attention spans. Their targeted audience has short attention spans. Nobody knows how to write a coherent story any more, so they throw up a short video or a four paragraph “story”, and expect everybody to be satisfied with that. That’s why I like your site, and a few others. In-depth writing, and intelligent analysis.

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      • While the IGN story fits the bill (hence I commented as I did), it’s hardly the only one I’ve seen lately like it. The Jose Reyes story, for example, was a lot of reprinting the same alert he’d been arrested. No one even tried to get more details, it seems. Grumble, grumble, grumble. /historio shakes fist at sky

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