Baseball in the Philippines, finally found one.

It’s pretty dang hard finding Baseball fields here nowadays, you won’t even know that THAT thick overgrown abandoned lot used to be a Baseball/softball field in the past, even finding a video such as this showing Baseball being played proved to be very difficult. Out of all stations, I finally found one coming from ABS-CBN channel 4 Rated K.

(I’m just going to translate what Korina Sanchez is saying so here goes.)

Featured image

Here’s a story of Kierdyxell “Kid” Plaza and the others, of the Pony league Baseball team based in Tanuanan, Batangas. His father, Mang (Sir/Mister) Atong works as a tricycle driver, his mom, Gigi Plaza, works as a “labandera” (one who washes clothes). “Kid” acquired/gained an interest in Baseball when he was 8 years old, but he’s been a subject of name calling cause he was not that good enough to play Baseball with the other kids (haha, kinda reminds me of my past when I still suck at playing basketball). One day when he got home after playing, he kinda lost his interest, but his dad (pretty cool dad, I really like the way on how he pushes his son here to play the game) asked him to pick just one of these options “Wanna play?” or “Not”… He kinda thought about it for a while before making a decision saying, “Yes, I will play, I want to try my best”, even though their family is poor, they wanted their son to be successful in sports and to have a scholarship… by selling goats, the money from that goat will be used in order to buy Baseball equipment like Baseball gloves, shoes and bats for their son. Now, he is very determined to know more and learn more, and not giving up…

The mountain on the background is known as Mt. Makiling in the province of Batangas… When Korina asked them why Baseball is the sport they play, the kids answered, “Our parents are very interested in Baseball, and our dads and moms were previous Baseball/softball players in the past”… Most of these kids parents are very poor, but raising the flag of the Philippines while playing the game and the wish for proper education at the same time is a straight road going for a successful life, Baseball teaches us self-discipline, patience and respect… Playing the game we love have no limits, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor.

Aragorn is the team leader and the ace pitcher of the team, based from his family’s/ancestors past, he belongs to a group that played softball for the first time in the country, he was just 5 years old when his grandfather thought him about the game, his grandfather saw his potential, therefore he was eager to teach him more about the sport.

Next is “Biboy”, the youngin’ for the team Philippines. Not only is he great at playing Baseball, but dang he’s a genius as well. His dad is very proud on what his son have accomplished…

Back in May 24, 2014, this team won the Asia Pacific Mustang 9 and 10 Pony Baseball championship… This is the “passport” for em that made them who they are, (Paul’s favorite time in the States by the way was going to Disneyland). This team defeated Team Lafayette of Indiana USA in August 31, 2014, by a score of 11-6… They won the prestigious World Series that was held in Texas, USA… Gaining them respect and recognition from their fellow “Kabayans” (countrymen/women) in the country.

Then finally, a wonderful celebration by Rated K just for them.


(Even though our Baseball isn’t that popular right now compared to basketball and soccer here. The game of Baseball is growing, especially among the kids. Even though I can’t play any kind of competitive Baseball like what this kids do or will do in the future, witnessing the growth of Baseball here in our country is more than enough for me.)

9 thoughts on “Baseball in the Philippines, finally found one.

    1. No idea, if there is, I think you’d better prepare a 30 to 40 PHP fare for the ride. I’d rather take the bus.

      And English please. I won’t answer your questions anymore if you do this again.


      1. LOL at your 30-40 PHP fare XD!! The distance between Makati to Tanauan is 64 KM!! The driver will kick us out if we only 30 to 40 pesos in our pockets lol. 100 pesos to around 150 is the money we’ll likely need to go there.


        1. It’s probably one of those air-conditioned buses. I’d go for the non-air ones cause they’re cheaper. I bet there will be some discounts too when it comes to us coll. students.


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