Matt Wieters Accecpts Qualifying Offer

Featured imageMatt Wieters shocked everyone today by accepting the Orioles’ Qualifying Offer.  The Orioles took a gamble, offering Wieters the offer, hoping he would reject it for greener pastures else-ware.  MLBTR was projecting Wieters to pickup a 4 year, 64 million contract this off-season, as the only big named catcher on the market.  Maybe the market wasn’t happening, possibly due to concerns over the oft-injured catcher’s ability to stay healthy and turn into the slugger he once projected to be.  Or maybe he just really loves Maryland Blue Crabs.

For the Orioles, they now have three catchers on the roster, and have a lot less money available to attempt to retain Chris Davis, or sign a handful of starting pitchers.  The Orioles were estimated to have 45-50 million for next year’s payroll, and Wieters just ate up a third of that. I hope you weren’t counting on Dylan Bundy to fill any vacancies.  Now with three catchers, the Orioles need to figure out a way to pick up two starting pitchers, and two outfielders.  It’s possible they may try to convert one of their catchers to first base to fill in the hole that’s likely to be emptied by Davis.

15 thoughts on “Matt Wieters Accecpts Qualifying Offer

      1. Don’t worry, he will either be really good or really bad and the Red Sox will give him a .. what was it..4/64? Hmm… I see a 6/100 for him no matter what
        Buck thinks of him.

        Enjoy his last cheap year no matter what, this would be make or break for any other catcher, but I feel like the Sox are going all in next year.

        As we ALL know, catchers are why the Red Sox pitching sucks!


  1. If he’s really fond of blue crabs, maybe he’s ingested Pfiesteria piscicidia and the peppy little dinoflagellants have eaten away at his brain.


    1. Either that or he went Red Lobster! Yay ,microwaved anything you order after it his been measured with an atomic scale after ONLY the finest prep cooks lovingly smeared shit on the bathroom walls without wearing gloves weighed it. Then a bunch of slightly above ” sandwich artists” who’s now making nine bucks an hour, big raise don’t you know, get to make your order. SMDH

      While being a failed musician in 1998 I made 15/18 dollars an hour cooking for quality restaurant’s which both supported my musical endeavors and my family obligations. Almost 20 years later, they look at my resume and wonder why I elbow a young person for the entry level awesome money of thirteen dollars an hour just to agree with the 27 year old Chef’s that are even willing to talk to me despite the incessant fear I might change out the recipe of nitrogen foam that looks like a crack addict spit on your FUCKING food for a grand sauce.

      Now, anyone who has went to culinary arts is fucked!

      Keep your Mom and Pop restaurant in business, tip your waiters and give positive feedback to the kitchen, it keeps us ” true” cooks alive even though we make shit for money but still like being the best of the best.


      1. I don’t see it as screwing the O’s at all…rather, a thwarted attempt of the O’s to screw Wieters.

        If you wouldn’t love to have the guy back on a yr $15.8M deal…the DO NOT GIVE HIM A QO! The only reason the QO exists is to put a drag on FA salaries. The QO is dressed as a parity mechanism, but it actually works in the favor of rich teams….who get a discount on FAs that lower payroll teams still aren’t high bidders for…and gives them replacement picks for those they lose…AND those teams can “replace” lost value of picks via international signings.

        There remains absolutely no mechanism in MLB that actually is designed to help low income clubs…everything is designed to reduce team costs, not to promote equal opportunity among teams.


      1. My plan is to update that post and bump it back up to the top when someone signs.

        I was going to do that earlier today, but got sidetracked and forgot.


      2. I don’t see any reason to pin it. There could easily be 3-4 weeks between signings, and making everyone scroll past that post to get to the new stuff for that long would be somewhere between annoying and infuriating.


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