FanDuel And Draft Kings Employees Organize Protest In NYC

A group of mostly employees and I’m sure friends and family members of employees of FanDuel and Draft Kings started a protest today outside the offices of the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman’s offices this morning, and is currently ongoing.  The numbers started with around 100 people and have swelled in upwards of 300 people.  People were chanting such fantastic slogans such as “Let us Play” and “Game of skill!”.  Because it take a lot of skill to understand that Tom Brady can throw a lot of touchdowns.

The companies estimate 500,000 daily players are in the state.

And of all those people, 300 showed up.

Most interesting is a handful of quotes I’ll cherry-pick from this CNN article.

One protester, a software engineer who gave her name only as Nicole, said fantasy sports is a challenge. “I like trying to solve the daily puzzle that it provides,” she said.

“I mean some people do this for a living because they consistently win because they do their research,” she said. “We pay taxes, we get 1099s for our winnings. Stop telling us how to spend our money.”

So, this is like Soduku then right?  The word jumbles?  Gambling…erm…guessing that Eli Manning is going to throw a late game interception, or that Dez Byant is going to blow his knee out in the third quarter?

The protest was organized by Fantasy Sports For All, a group that was created by leading providers to “protect the rights” of daily fantasy sports players. Some of the protesters were employees of FanDuel, which is based in New York City.

(Emphases mine) Yea, that totally makes sense.

I hope you all make note of today in your calendars.  It will go down in history, right alongside the Boston Tea Party, the Civil Rights March in 1963, and Tiananmen Square.  The day that we fight for our rights to gamble online.  When in doubt.  Re-tweet.

Updates!  Added some twitters!

14 thoughts on “FanDuel And Draft Kings Employees Organize Protest In NYC

  1. This is all Sanskrit to me (though in all fairness I do read Sanskrit). I don’t gamble. I prefer to lose money on my investments.


    1. So you’re really paying four times the actual value of the tickets and your lawyer gets to bill you for his $13 Coors?

      How’s your investments doing lately? I only ask as a socialist who needs a handout.

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  2. Pretty sure the people commenting about their “right” to play fantasy sports are also the folks who think their employers can’t infringe on their free speech.


  3. A lot of people make their living doing things that are illegal…when they get busted, they don’t usually have a rally, do they?

    Like all forms of gambling, these “games” are designed to be enjoyable for the loser and to separate them from their money…it is just an online version of very game you can play in Vegas, and you have to wait until the next day to play instead of throwing away more money every few seconds….but then, the rigged nature of Casinos SHOULD be illegal as well, so that isn’t really an argument in favor of these scams.

    I saw a recent quote that something like 99% of daily fantasy game winnings go to 1.3% of the players. It is a tax on the stupid, just like lottery tickets.

    The issue here isn’t that it isn’t like legal forms of throwing your money away, it is who is benefiting from it…and the right people (i.e. people in positions of local power or their wealthy friends) aren’t benefiting….so they are busted.

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    1. It makes it particularly assy that they rip off serious causes involving protests for BS like that. I’m sure tone-deaf white people are their target audience though, so perfect. A-holes.


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