Wanna bet?

You knFeatured imageow all that annoying advertising we were subjected to during the playoffs? Not the attractive but not too attractive lady “tossing the pigskin” — the onslaught of fantasy play gambling site promos.  Well, all that investment came home to roost because the ads attracted not just potential Pete Roses but, also, the attention of some Attorneys General.

Previously, Nevada officials determined that these games were games of chance instead of skill exercises, and were therefore illegal. Now, the NY AG has joined in that interpretation, which is really awkward for FanDuel because its offices are in NYC.  The AG sent that company and DraftKings cease-and-desist letters this week as part of his consumer protections authority.  A federal prosecutor is reportedly looking into the matter as well.

Interestingly, MLB has been cashing in on these sites, becoming an actual investor in DraftKings. League involvement in this industry is a head scratcher — it makes you wonder how the suits possibly thought this was a good idea for MLB itself to get into. Things that make you go “hmmmm”…

Anyway, Awful Announcing has a good summary on the issue here.  Read, comment, and remember:

No one cares about your Fantasy Baseball team.

43 thoughts on “Wanna bet?

  1. My fantasy baseball team crashed and burned after living in first place for 80% of the regular season. They ended up third and breaking even on prize money. What else would you like to know about my fantasy baseball team? Also, I expect the same for my fantasy football team (The Pi Fighters), who have one loss, but likely will end up third…come on, guys, I can talk about this all day.


    1. I’ve won my league in each of the last two years, and since we can keep players forever without any costs/penalties….I expect my core group of Bryant, Betts, Soler, Schwarber, Abreu, Upton, Kershaw, Scherzer, and Archer should help me contend for a few more years without too much extra effort.

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    2. My team also crashed and burned about 75% of the way through the season after building a good lead.

      Just when you think you might know something about baseball……..


        1. Paper played fantasy football, so he’s one of them too. Clearly, not a Southern Baptist among them.


      1. I forgot to mention – I’m the commish, this was the tenth year, I’ve won zero times ever! I’ve come in second or third 8 of 10 years….baseball hates me but Iove baseball.

        Great convo, guys and gals! Let’s keep the fantasy convo going so that we can ensure Historio is happy with our responses to her fantastic blog post!


      2. /picks up popcorn, runs some string through it, takes it down to Whole Foods, sells it as “artisanal christmas decor”, pockets $1000.

        Thanks Histo!

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      3. That better have been non-GMO, organic, pesticide free, gluten free, sugar free, free range popcorn…or no one at Whole Food is going to buy it.


      4. “Wow, only had a Whole Foods in town for a month and now we already don’t need a police force anymore…huh”

        • Paraphrasing Randy Marsh, last night’s South Park

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  2. I had won my fantasy league last year. It was really exciting – I had CJ Anderson going on Monday night, down by a scant few points as the game ticked away. The Broncos were trying to kill the clock on the final drive, and CJ broke a 19-yard catch out of the backfield to seal it for me. Huzzah! I wound up winning the matchup by a little over two points. The automated recap declared me the league champion. Our commissioner ordered my nameplate for our traveling trophy. And then, I take a look back, and wouldn’t you know, but the final score showed my opponent had won by a third of a point. Not one, but two stat corrections had posted on Thursday, both necessary for him to overcome his deficit. Merry fucking Christmas, indeed.


    1. My fantasy teams usually suck majorly, but the pitching staff is always top notch. This year I had Arrieta and deGrom.


    2. Yall should join my ESPN H2H league. Nothing better than this fantasy league anywhere I promise. Every stat is value weighted to perfection. 10 starters per week. Total balance. We have teams win with speed, with power, with pitching, or some combo thereof every year.


  3. The closest I’ve ever come to playing fantasy baseball is playing Strat-o-matic as a kid. Does that count?

    MLB isn’t alone in owning a piece of one of the DFS companies, I believe NFL, NHL, and NBA do as well.


      1. I’ve been playing fantasy baseball since the late 90’s, but only did fantasy football for one year before getting bored with it. I do remember that I won that league, mostly because I had the #1 pick and got Marshall Faulk and he went insane.


  4. Great as usual article on this topic in The Economist (AND READ THE COMMENTS!): http://www.economist.com/news/united-states/21678186-crackdown-begins-new-york-and-nevada-americau2019s-days-unregulated-fantasy

    I have to agree that skill is required to some extent in some fantasy leagues (but not all are equal). But I don’t think gambling should be determined to be gambling simply based upon chance vs.. skill, so it’s a moot point in my opinion

    I generally agree with the commenter that says either ban it all or make it all legal. We should stop trying to draw imaginary freaking lines in the sand! Considering I’m pro-legalization of marijuana and for decriminalization of Scheduled narcotics, I’m going to have to rule on the side of decriminalizing gambling too. Banning online poker worked out right? Exactly.


    1. I think in the current legal environment these fantasy sites are certainly illegal. Whether the legal situation should be what it is is a different story. The real issue for me though is that these sites try to play both sides of the line, selling it as a game of skill to regulators while often advertising to gamers what they can win with luck. There are regulations in place on both sides of that line, I feel they wish to avoid being regulated in either case. It is also disturbing that their employees have been using insider info to win tons of money. That would not be permitted if they were properly regulated…


      1. Reflex, of course they don’t want regulation. That would mean some sort of oversight. And regulatory fees to cut into their profits. But what I question is, Who would the regulators be? How would they- the regulators- oversee the industry? Could the sites be trusted to be self-governing?

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