The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due:  The Washington Nationals aren’t always made of fail. Here’s something cool that the Nats are associated with:  an openly gay batboy. Spenser Clark has found acceptance in the Nats’ clubhouse, and it’s not just lip service:

None of that happened. I told everyone individually and everyone had similar reactions. They were proud of me and congratulated me for feeling comfortable enough with myself to be myself. They told me that nothing would change – and nothing did.

I remember when MLB hired Billy Bean as Ambassador of Inclusion, and people were saying it was all a giant sham. I think it’s been pretty successful, actually. We now have openly gay umpires, minor leaguers, and batboys. Regardless of all the Torii Hunters and Daniel Murphys in the world, there has been some real progress made. Baseball is a beautiful sport and should be open and accessible to everyone, and it’s things like this that give me hope for the future.

Paging Lefty. Paging Mr. Longfootlefty:  Exciting news in Cubdom! I doubt it’s going anywhere but it’s still exciting!

I have my doubts about David Price – I know, he’s great and everything but it’s just a feeling I have – but the other two I would be down with. Don’t think the Cubs could afford Greinke, but if he even remotely considers a stint in blue pinstripes I might actually spontaneously combust.

In the “Don’t Mean Nothing” Department:

The Brewers can plan until they are blue in the face, but they have traded guys who had scheduled promotions going on in the past and will do so again. Every team has. If the Brewers can get fair market value and/or restock their farm team with a Lucroy trade, you best believe they are going to sign on that dotted line.

The team I keep hearing rumors about is the Braves. Of course, this makes me enormously happy because Luc is one of my fave guys these days and if he were to play for the Braves it would be even better.

16 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. I don’t think there will be much difference in cost between Grienke and Price. They’ll both exceed $200M, and if the Cubs sign either, that’s probably the only “big” FA signing they’ll make.

    I keep seeing things about a trade between the Cubs and Indians though. They need an IF, and they’ve got some Carrasco or Salazar to part with.

    Signing Grienke/Price and trading (Baez + ?) for Carrasco/Salazar wouldn’t be a bad way to address the rotation at all.

    Then just bring up Almora and let him cover the gap in CF between Schwarber and Soler. Bat him 9th, like they did with Russell, so he doesn’t feel quite so overwhelmed by that part of the game and can get his feet under him…like Russell did.


    • I think Greinke may get a big higher AAV, but fewer years. Even though he is “only” 32, I think the 2 year difference may have a bigger effect on the length of the offered contracts than 2 years….and Price may trade dollars for both longevity and a NTC.

      ZImmermann is an interesting option. He’s essentially, a high end #3 with the blip of being a high end #2 last year…then there is the issue of his TJ history. Most guys that have had TJ surgery seem to have elbow issues again down the road. I think the likelihood of him having TJ again during his next contract may be factored in by some teams as he’s 5 years out from his 1st one….either by trying to put in a “Lackey Clause” or by just offering a lower AAV to adjust for the potential lost year.


      • Looking at Zimmerman’s stats, too. You see him in 2015 pitching ERA a lot closer to his FIP . Strikeouts were down, Home runs were up substantially. Visually you could see games where he just couldn’t quite keep that pitch down. And I agree with you on the time since TJ surgery being a bit of a concern.
        I see him definitely as more of a #3 pitcher going forward, and I would be a lot more comfortable with a two year contract than a four year. He might have maximized his return by extending with the Nats at the end of 2014.

        But, all things considered, there is nothing too bad about a solid #3 who can give you 200 or so innings.


    • I saw that. It’s kind of a shame Trace and Bill aren’t involved. I guess Crow’s gonna have yet another stroke to explain his voice change.


      • What I don’t understand is the price. They are asking for a LOT per episode, even compared to production costs for regular cable shows these days. Technology has made it where someone can do something of the quality of MST3k for almost nothing, all I can imagine is that the talent wants a huge payday here. I’d have liked to see a breakdown on their Kickstarter to explain where the money is going…


      • Reflex – if history can continue to be a guide, the major operating cost for mst3k was the cost of getting the rights for the films they mocked. Most films were not in the public domain, and when rights holders find out that MST wants them, they charge a crazy amount. There’s a good amount of information about this in the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide.


  2. Good snack, Perfesser! Funny there hasn’t been a peep over on HBT about the Nats gay batboy, which, when you think of it, is probably a good thing, given the legion of mouth-breathers that inhabit that site now. Just thinking of the comments on that story make me cringe.

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  3. Great story on the Nats. I was also surprised to see he was African-American. There are very few bat boys, ball boys/ball girls of color. Yes, I notice because I’m brown, so I count. (Is it awful that the cynical part of me immediately thought, the Nats thought they could check off two groups with one person–gay and minority? I’m accustomed to being the token. Bad me, bad me. The Nats are doing the right thing, regardless of the motive.)

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