Who Are Your 2015 Hall Of Famers?

So, I wanted to test out the polling feature, and I figured this was as good an opportunity as any.

Because the Hall’s rules suck, I am limiting the poll to 10 total choices.  Also, because I think it’ll be more fun that way.   You don’t have to pick 10, but with this field, it’d be pretty hard not to.  Get to work minions!  In case you want some statistics, here’s B-Ref’s fantastic page.

48 thoughts on “Who Are Your 2015 Hall Of Famers?

  1. Hmm, it appears the output is giving a percentage of of the total votes cast, not the total ballots. Like, if I was the only guy who voted, my ten guys would have 10% each, not 100% each.

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    • I assume there’s a way to see # of submissions and total votes, and we can just plug it into excel for a true percentage.

      Btw anyone know how to get ahold of cur/DangYouToHeck? HBT is getting more and more toxic and it’d be nice to drag him here to the (in)sane group.


      • Can you keep track of number of submissions? From my current view, it says 78 votes with, for instance, Piazza and Bagwell getting 8 votes. I’m assuming 8 people have voted (hence 8 votes) so those two would get 100%.


      • Also, the paid version is $200 a year, so forget that. This works OK for what it is, and I’m only going with it because it’s integrated into the WordPress system, but if we end up doing enough polls where detailed stats really matter, there are other alternatives we can use.

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      • Also, the paid version is $200 a year, so forget that.

        Not necessarily speaking to the poll software, but if finances becomes an issue I would have zero problem ponying up a few dollars to help keep things running here.

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      • I agree with the esteemed COPO, if you need a “IPO ” it would be extremely selfish of us to enjoy this site while letting the one who had the gravitas to do it carry the cross by himself.

        What do you need my overlord, how can I help you? If ALL you need is money to keep this going, I will give as much as I can! I’m guessing that I’m not alone!

        Let’s give these future authors a podium. We all post because we love to write, badly in my case, but fuck it, I’ll go along, ALL of you have no clue independently from each other how good you really are! But as a team?

        This is really good writing! I’m gonna go out on a limb , nah I’m really not, but all together, your a juggernaut! Tell us what you need scouts, I promise that in this case my hyperbole is warranted!

        Other than Craig’s troll pieces who has had 100 comments and the worst fight we had is “someone” who’s definition of irony differs from the other?

        Also gave your address to some hopefully enlightened individuals who I originally argued with, but have shown me we could both learn something from each other.

        Tl;Dr = Here’s my wallet!


      • Nemmind; I see that PollDaddy IS WordPress’s widget, looking at my dashboard … might still try PollHost to see if it works better.

        On Blogger, if you have a “vote for multiple options,” there, it only totals the total number of voters and not the total number of votes, and that’s the flaw here.


      • Most good cooks originally get their recipes from elsewhere, then make tweaks to them to make them their own. That looks pretty good, I may have to try that. I don’t see how it can be “too spicy”, though, unless you are using “extra hot” salsa or something. Or your brother is a food wuss. 🙂


        • He also objects to how “healthy” I cook (with veggies). They have advised me that I am no longer allowed to cook the sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving because I put nutmeg and cinnamon in it. I will pass on that recipe, if you’d like. For the enchilada casserole, I use medium salsa and the rotel gives it a little kick. I don’t think it’s very hot. If you want to be lazy, buy a package of enchilada seasoning from the store and you don’t even have to measure the cumin, etc yourself. Just toss that in. The nice thing is that the recipe makes a lot of servings so you can feed a crew or eat on it for daaaayyyyys.

          My family is food wusses. They use butter and salt — and cheese. It’s unfortunate that my brother’s health could be improved if they ate better. I’m working on it. My dad elected to die early rather than eat better. What can you do?


      • Actually, that’s not far from my Taco Casserole recipe that has become a family fave. I originally saw it in a magazine but have modified if a fair bit. Essentially it is a layered casserole using taco meat (seasoned ground beef), salsa, and mac and cheese. The original called for Kraft Mac and Cheese mix, which my kids will not touch, as they are cheese snobs and won’t touch powdered cheese, or Velveeta, or Cheez Whiz or even cheese slices — they call all these “plastic cheese”. So I now make my mac and cheese using grated extra old cheddar and Parmesan. I also make my own taco seasoning rather than buy the pouches. Basically here is the recipe:

        Brown 1 to 1.5 lb extra lean ground beef. In 3/4 cup of boiling water, add 2-3 tsp cumin, 1/2 tsp thyme. 1/2 tsp salt and 1 or 2 tsp of pureed garlic. Stir well and add to browned beef in pan, simmering to get rid of most of the liquid. Meanwhile, cook a 1 lb package of your favourite pasta (I use macaroni) until al dente. Drain and add 2 cups of whatever grated cheese you prefer. Once cheese is melted and mixed in well, mix in 3/4 cup of sour cream. In a large casserole dish, layer 1/3 of the pasta, 1/2 the ground beef, and enough salsa (your choice of spiciness) to cover the beef, then repeat with another 1/3 of the pasta, the rest of the beef, more salsa and finally the last of the pasta. Bake covered at 400 F for 15-20 minutes, then uncover, top with a generous amount of shredded cheese and bake uncovered for another 5 minutes.

        To make the lazy version, just mix the mac and cheese mixture, the taco beef and the salsa all together in the casserole dish and cook as above.


      • Fortunately, my kids love veggies, especially broccoli and cauliflower. My homemade mac and cheese now includes finely chopped steamed cauliflower in with the pasta, about 3 parts pasta to 1 part cauliflower. I used to make Shepherd’s Pie the traditional way with ground beef and regular mashed potatoes, but now they prefer it with ground chicken or turkey and mashed sweet potatoes.

        I grew up in a family that slathered butter on everything, but I have cut back a bit on that. We have even discovered how to cut back a lot on butter/oil in baked goods recipes like my daughter’s banana oatmeal muffins or my wife’s carrot cake… we simply replace the oil with unsweetened applesauce.


  2. I would like to extend my gratitude to the contributors of this blog for giving me back my favorite goofing off at work activity. At first I thought It was the new HBT format that was keeping me away from that site, but I slowly came to the realization that it was due to the comment section missing its more “regular” contributors. I didn’t comment very often, but I rarely missed a day the last four years or so enjoying the opinions of you fine people. Thanks again.

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