Tommy Hanson Has Died

Very sad news to report today.

Former Braves and Angels pitcher Tommy Hanson has died at the age of 29. Sources cite complications from massive organ failure, but as of this post have been unable to determine what caused this to happen so suddenly.

[I just really liked this photo used.]

Hanson was touted as a pitcher for the future in the Braves organization, but shoulder injuries took its toll. His last MLB start was for the Angels in 2013. In the last several years, he’s been bouncing around the minors with the White Sox and Giants organizations.

Tommy leaves behind a wife and three children.

8 thoughts on “Tommy Hanson Has Died

  1. This is horrible. Way too young. I remember when he was a rising prospect. Someone mentioned before that his brother also died young. I feel for his parents..


    1. It’s awful all the way around. My oldest daughter is older than him. I cannot imagine how his parents feel right now, and don’t want to.


    1. I know, Ren. Big Red was well liked by so many in the Braves organization still. It was sad to see the tributes pouring in last night. Damn near made me cry.


  2. I am very curious as to what happened to him. Multiple organ failure is something you hear about in 85 year-olds, not 29 year-olds.

    Very sad and tragic for his family.


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