Random Baseball Conversation

ConfessioFeatured imagen: Sometimes I miss Bill Baer. I follow him on Twitter, which means I see a lot of cat pics and know he’s afraid of spiders.  Also, he’s a feminist, which <3.

Anyway, during the Fall Stars Game last night, he was unhappy that the announcers were describing guys 5’9″-5’11” as “short.”  (BTW, no, you can’t tell the difference between 5’10” and 5’11” from the announcer’s booth, boring commenter dude.)  I thought that was average — isn’t it average? Maybe it’s athlete-short as opposed to regular-short? I wonder what athlete-short is for women? Can women be athlete-short? Aside from pitchers, wouldn’t being 7′ be kind of a liability? Thank god I have things to do today besides googling athlete height all day.

101 days til pitchers and catchers report.

22 thoughts on “Random Baseball Conversation

  1. It is athlete short.

    Kinda how Murphy can be considered “athlete smart”, but he isn’t anything that anyone would call smart (unless that person was dumber than Murphy), but that is like a 5’2″ person calling a 5’5″ person tall.


  2. I follow Gleeman and Bill. Bill’s a lot of fun, Gleeman tweets a lot about food in Minneapolis, which is a cause dear to my own heart. LOL


  3. Just like 35 years old is almost geriatric in sports terms but fairly young in regular human years. Ancient in cat years.

    Athlete-short for men and women depends on the sport. 5’10” is short for a man in baseball. Basketball, 5’10” is a very little person. Gymnastics, you’re a giant and if you’re a woman, not competing at a high level. Much too tall.

    I like Baer too. He once favorited a tweet of mine. He is obviously a man of fine taste. 🙂 I also like Gleeman’s taste in music. I would not kill him on a long road trip.


    1. Gleeman has favorited several of my tweets, usually in regards to (again) food in Minneapolis, or music. He honestly seems like a cool guy to hang out with.

      Same with Bill. Bill is hilarious. His twitter account is one of my faves.


      1. Nah. Younger brother is a couple inches shorter than me, younger sister is roughly about 5’7″ or so.

        But height does run in the family to a degree, at least among the guys. Both my grandpas, both of my mom’s brothers, and all four of my dad’s brothers are/were over 6′, a couple of them were probably 6’6″. So 6’3″ has just always seemed kinda average to me.


        1. So much for that theory. Yeah, it’s probably because that’s normative for you.

          I played some intramural soccer in college and they tried to recruit me for basketball (even though I told them I had no hand-eye coordination). I had only played basketball at home with my brother and dad, who are both taller than me — so anything I could do to get the ball was fair game. I had no idea what was even a foul..so, yeah, I fouled out in the first quarter…In my defense, I tried to warn them.


      2. I too am horrible at basketball…and I too play a no-blood, no-foul type of game. Rather, played. I haven’t picked up a ball of that variety in 20 years.

        Back when I did play on the Bridge St. courts, I earned the nickname of Goro, because I had the uncanny ability to grab a rebound while simultaneously elbowing three people.


        1. Exactly.

          I’ve seen it a few times, saw it again this weekend in a hockey game thread…and it never fails to crack me up, I usually watch it over and over each time.

          Just felt like sharing the joy.


        1. I wish they let the gif go a couple seconds longer. I love the end where the pup essentially say, “oh, hey, let me clean that up for you.”


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