Random Baseball Conversation

Here’s your Featured imagepost for your random baseball-related musings today.  Just to start things off, I have a logic problem for you this morning…or, an illogic problem.  Whichever.

Alleged sportscaster and blandest talking head, Joe Buck made an observation about the Royals on Twitter. Here’s what he posted:

Now, if #8 hitter, Alex Rios, had a post-season BA of .133 and leadoff man (and ALCS MVP) Alcides Escobar hit .231, can Buck’s statement be true?  Sal Perez, the #6 hitter, had the highest post-season BA on the team at .364 and, in addition, only one other player hit over .262 — also in the middle of the order.

Please describe the Buck Principle, as demonstrated here.  Is there a Yost Corollary, and, if so, what does it state?

Your constant is PK = .152 (where PK is Pete Kozma).


Pitchers and catchers report in 102 days.

24 thoughts on “Random Baseball Conversation

  1. I was told that you’re a history teacher, why the math problems?

    Kidding aside, they really did look on the T.V. at least, like a relentless, soul crushing juggernaut top to bottom. I’m well aware of the statistical discord, but they just kept on coming at everyone they played.

    I never thought that I would defend Buck, but, I think he might have been talking about the whole postseason, not just his WS broadcasts, imho. Who knows, maybe he might start to like the game itself?


    1. FIgures don’t lie (now, what’s the corollary to that? hmmm). But I will say that as a person rooting for the other side it had a very relentless feel to it.

      No question they didn’t have a lot of power. And no doubt their numbers look mediocre overall. But they do have a gift for wasting pitches and waiting. And they strike out so rarely. It always seemed pretty easy to get a lead on them for six or so. But then when those relievers came in and they started making your relief guy throw seven or eight pitches to each batter that it started feeling like it just wasn’t going to hold together. From what I saw (not a lot, admittedly) the ALCS and the WS were very similar.

      None of this, of course, changes the fact that Joe Buck is an idiot.

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  2. Joe Buck just talks…he doesn’t really think before doing so, he doesn’t ever do any kind of actual analysis or comparison. Everything he says is for the casual or non-fan that is watching and is designed to make whatever you are watching seem more exciting or historically important than it is.

    He’s useless because there is usually little to no truth to anything he says about sports.


    1. Did you just say that Buck’s nasally, bored, condescending, holier than thou narration is DESIGNED to cause excitement? He makes Ben Carson’s inflection sound like an auctioneer! C’mon Paper..puff,puff pass.
      Don’t Bogart the good medical by your lonesome!


      1. Well, yeah….thus the constant string of hyperbole. Just because he is incapable of sounding excited doesn’t mean that isn’t his intent….he is the announcer version of people that try to be funny but have no delivery or timing skills.

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  3. This isn’t baseball, but I really hate the way announcer dudes feel the need to say “Stillwaaaaahhhhterrrrrr.”


    1. I sometimes wonder if I live in a secret state, because everyone says “WES-consin.” It’s WIS, like Swiss.


  4. Regular season:
    2015 Royals: .269/.322/.412 98 OPS+ (724 RS, 641 RA)
    Curtis: .243/.355/.360 – 90 OPS+ (Worst hitter on ’98 Yanks)
    1998 Yankees: .288/.364/.460 – 116 OPS+ (965 RS, 656 RA)

    I mean, come on…

    Please don’t make me do this for the post-season


    1. Oh, and they only replaced him with Shane Spencer’s magical 73 PA run. Seriously, the top ten Yankees by plate appearances all had OBPs above the park-adjusted league average, and the guy who didn’t was the defensive half of the catching tandem. Go home Joe Buck, you’re drunk.


    1. It feels like he’s constantly announcing Packers games, too. I can’t get away from him unless I’m watching college basketball, and even then I’m worried he’ll decide he wants to start doing play by play there, too.


      1. Looking back, it appears he’s had the Packers all three times they’ve been a Fox game this season. They’ve been a prime-time game thrice, and while one of their two CBS tilts was the Nantz-Simms snooze-fest of a booth, the other was Dan Fouts and the delightful Ian Eagle. With that and the two SNF appearances, the Pack are 3-for-8 in having a quality booth call their game.


      1. I don’t know who Mitch Conklin is. In fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even exist.

        I think you guys must mean Mitch Kramer, who would of course grow up to become Tim Lincecum…


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