FGOTD – AFL Fall Stars Game (8:00pm ET)


Some of the better prospects in the game are playing tonight and you can watch the game for free.  I’d hoped to get a look at Cubs catcher Willson Contreras, but he yoinked his hammy a few days ago and got shut down.  This is my sad face.

You can tune your moving picture boxes to the MLB Network, or you can just click right here to watch online at MLB.com.

15 thoughts on “FGOTD – AFL Fall Stars Game (8:00pm ET)

  1. The manager for the AFL East squad is Tripp Keister….which is quite probably my new favorite name in all of baseball.


    1. That’s something that each person needs to discover for themselves.

      But I will tell you that my boy Jeimer Candelario just made a hell of a play. You can’t go wrong rooting for a man with a name like that.


      1. It looks like the Tigers prospects are on the East squad…as are the Cubs’ kids.

        And the lone Royals prospect is on the West team.

        You might find a use for that information in your search for a team to be rooting for.

        And my boy Jeimer Candelario makes some noise again, crushing a double into CF.


    1. Boo indeed.

      This is my first look at Corey Black. He’s got some pretty good raw stuff, but those breaking/secondary pitches really need some polish. Hangers get bangered.


    1. I know Jim Callis is one of the “color” commentators, but that’s it.

      They did a bit of pregame conversation, and his was the only name I recognized at all….and he’s not an announcer. He’s pretty much just there for his overall knowledge of the minors.


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