16 thoughts on “Random Baseball Conversation

  1. Big news outta NYC
    Kristie Ackert ‏@Ackert_NYDN · 18h18 hours ago
    BREAKING NEWS: Jacob deGrom has decided NOT to cut off his hair……everyone can breathe now.

    To which I can only ad


    1. We still need an app where you “deGrom” yourself. For some of us, it would make for a funny profile pic, I bet.


  2. How about we rate the presidential candidates? Only one rule Ben “the waking dead”
    Absolutely must come in last! If you want to put Hillary second to last, that’s cool, but the ironically challenged Ben MUST come in last.


      1. Perfect! Yeah the Pyramids were a fucking grain silo! 8,500 bushels of grain fed Egypt for seven years of starvation! Would he let a brain surgeon as stupid as himself operate on his own brain? Fucking right, if he’s a TRUE BELIEVER!

        Gawd I love Cray- cray season! Don’t get me started on the dreamcoat!😬

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