Free Agent Grab Bag – Pitchers


Whatcha gonna do with all them bucks?

All them bucks inside that truck

That truck

That truck

That lovely money truck

It seems that every team except the Mets is looking for starting pitchers this offseason, which means that despite the relative abundance of free agents at the position, some people are going to be left unhappy by the time it’s all over.

Grienke and Price are considered the premium options, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Cueto and/or Zimmermann had every bit as much value going forward and could likely be had at a “discount”.  Iwakuma would be another good option for teams that miss the creamiest of this crop.

The back-end options are almost limitless….Fister, Gallardo, Estrada, Lackey, Kennedy, Kazmir, Samardzija….and more beyond that.  There’s a few more options that could be on their way here from across the Pacific, and while it’s hard to know exactly how any of them would perform here, that are teams that would surely take a chance on them.

There’s a few bullpen arms on the market as well, but Darren O’Day is the only one of high quality.  I’d love to see Theo put him in a Cubs uniform.  He’ll cost a few bucks, but a Strop-O’Day-Rondon bullpen would be very nice to have.

27 thoughts on “Free Agent Grab Bag – Pitchers

  1. The Tigers are probably out on Price because, well, of his price. I wish they’d chase him or Greinke. Frankly, they’ll probably go after Zimmermann, which wouldn’t be bad, and maybe Anderson! Verlander, Sanchez, Norris, Zimmermann, and Boyd wouldn’t look too bad. I’m afraid they’ll gamble on Greene coming back well (which could go like the Feliz Neftaliball — gifts for everyone!), and not try to do enough. I’d love to add an upper echelon guy, but I won’t hold out hope. If we could at least add a solid starter…

    The big thing is, of course, the BP. I’d like to trade for Kimbrel, but it’s more likely they try to bring back Soria. With him and Wilson and Hardy, you’d have a decent start — especially if Greene could be good for long relief. I’m horribly afraid they are going with the usual BP suspects next year. I would love for them to dump Rondon. I fear being stuck with Krol and Farmer more. Hopefully, picking up Norris and Boyd means that guys like Lobstein and Ryan could be potential pen pieces, which would be better than relying on old man Alburquerque and Feliz. Boy, do I hope Avila has some magic beans.

    How is The Dog 32?


  2. I see the Astros concentrating on BP in the off season. If you watched the ALDS with KC, you will immediately understand. The hot rumor around town is a trade for Kimbrel or Chapman. That makes me a little nervous in that they are not that deep a roster yet. 2015 was a breakout ahead of schedule and may be challenging to repeat. I wouldn’t mind seeing them in the mix for O’Day or maybe Clippard. But it’s a real need. Also some feel that they will go for depth rather than a front line starter. I wouldn’t be averse to two years of Kazmir. He’s a local boy and you probably get a discount. But you have to deal with the September fade.

    In my dreams, David Price brings his little doggie to the Astros for a deep discount.

    RIght. 🙂


  3. The biggest needs with the Red Sox is quality pitchers so I see them going after Heywood for a billion-eleventy dollars, probably be all on Wieters and pretty much spending everywhere but where the need to. This is why I’m not good at this game.

    My team doesn’t know how to play either.

    ” I learned it from watching you Dad!”

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  4. Rosenthal thinks the Cubs will get Price.

    Two agents for free-agent starting pitchers predict that Price will sign with the Cubs. An executive who knows Price says that the Cubs are his first choice. It’s all talk until the contract is signed, particularly when the Dodgers, Giants, Cardinals and Red Sox all could be in the mix.

    Olney seems to think the Cubs are the “heavy, heavy favorites” to get Price as well.

    I’m not saying I’d be furious about such a signing, but I do wonder if $200M on Price is the best way to spend that money, considering that Arrieta is going to be needing significant raises through the rest of his arbitration years….and, I don’t know if you’ve heard or not….but there’s a lot of young Cubs hitters that are all pretty good and they will all be getting non-zero raises as they continue to be very good in the coming years.

    Then again, there’s a few years between today and the day when Bryant, Russell, and Schwarber will all hit the free agent market. That’s a good a window as any to load up and take as many shots at that postseason craps table as you can get your hands on.


        • Per Goold at the Post-Dispatch:

          The Cubs have yet to cash in on the rights fee jackpot, too. Keep that in mind. And the Cubs are in a trickier position than the Cardinals. First, their current deal isn’t up until a year after the Cardinals’ ends, and the Cardinals already used that to create a new $1.1-billion deal with Fox Sports. Second, the Cubs share their city with another team, and that other team has an owner who owns a stake in the cable network there.

          There are many hurdles for the Cubs to clear to cash in, and their payroll structure is going to reflect that. Gordon Wittenmyer at the Sun-Times has written extensively about this.


        • Ah. Couple things about that. From that article I linked before…

          the purchase transaction that is expected to play a role in determining the payroll through 2019 functions on a sliding scale because it restricts spending only as it relates to revenue. As revenue climbs, spending can climb without running afoul of the terms of the purchase or Major League Baseball operating restrictions.

          I had actually forgotten all about those operating restrictions, but as Cubs drew just under 3 million in attendance this year….and that was with the bleachers closed for about half the season….and all that increased revenue that’s going to be brought in from the new jumbo screens and all the other renovations, I don’t think those restrictions are really going to be too much of an issue.

          A new broadcast deal will certainly be quite helpful in many ways. and I really don’t see the impact of the White Sox being in town as well mattering all that much, because nobody gives a shit about the White Sox. But yeah, that’s still down the road a bit, possibly right in time to sign some of this year’s rookies to long-term deals as they approach free agency.


      • Go all in! Why not? You have unlimited funds as a tourist attraction, you have unlimited funds with tickets, buy everything because a hundred years is a long
        Fucking time!


  5. Lefty, this has nothing to do with the content of the post, but I just have to tell you how hard I laughed at the Black Eyed Peas reference. You win at life today, good sir.

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