Bid accepted. Boston, Texas, St. Louis, Padres or Pittsburgh. Who do you think is the mystery team?

The bid has been set, and the Nexen Heroes agreed accepting the posting bid of 12.85 million USD by an unknown team. Just as soon Park was leaving for Japan for this Premier 12 tourney, he heard the news. In this interview, Park was very happy and can’t thank enough his soon to be former team for accepting the bid and letting him play in the Major leagues, but winning the tournament is still the top most priority, and will have to focus on that for now… The unknown team will have atleast 30 days to negotiate/finalize a contract with Park, if not, he’ll be staying. I know he will accept any kind of given amount, playing in the Major leagues was always his dream since he was a kid… and seeing Kang Jung-ho’s success fuels that drive even more. Playing with or competing against his fellow South Koreans Ryu Hyun-jin, Shin Soo-choo and Kang Jung-ho is something he’s looking very forward too.

Also worth noting here is that his 12.85 million USD is the 2nd largest bid for any fielder, as you can see here in 0:30, the order here below is that with Ichiro having the highest posting/winning bid among the group.

(There’s also a “claim” here coming from YTN that Pittsburgh is the most likely winner, knowing that both Park and Kang are teammates and buddies back with Nexen, there will certainly be a huge jump of offense for the Buccos on this one cause even they were still teammates back, competing against one another on having the best offensive stat in the season is something they’ve done in the past, if and just assuming the Pirates were the winner.)

18 thoughts on “Bid accepted. Boston, Texas, St. Louis, Padres or Pittsburgh. Who do you think is the mystery team?

  1. I would guess it is Pittsburgh…simply because the one team I want it to NOT be….is freaking Pittsburgh. They’ll sign him and he’ll be both cheap and annoyingly good.

    I would love for it to be the Cardinals, but I am not hopeful. As an organization, they just never spend any real money in foreign markets, they go for quantity in the Latin American market, never signing high end guys (who are still only a million or two), they’ve pretty much ignored the Cuban market with one cheap exception, and the only Asian player they have signed that I remember was So Taguchi.

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      1. Yeah, they’ve been saying that for YEARS. I understand wanting to be careful and non-wasteful….but I’m not really interested in the massive profits they make…spend that shit to make my team more fun to follow!

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    1. If it were the Red Sox, I think platooning him at 1st base with Shaw is very likely, or some DH role exchange with Ortiz. He can also play 3rd base, so maybe if Panda there might need some rest or having a cold bat, he’ll play that position.


      1. Yeah, I was going to point that out. Hanley has already been announced as their first baseman next year. While Shaw looked good in his short time this season, he did not have the track record in the minors to back that up and is likely to be either a bench bat or trade bait.


    2. According to Passan, it is Boston:


      1. Some schadenfreude there.

        It is sad how little value HBT provides now. Mostly news you can find anywhere, few links to interesting non-AP stories or to things you couldn’t find anywhere else and few insightful comments on particular issues.

        I guess most page views are essentially using it as an AP news feed.


    1. I really hope it’s not the Padres, YTN media said that they too are very interested in him… So they include them there in the list of possibe potential winners.


  2. Joe Strauss reports that the Cardinals did not win the bidding. He’s often wildly wrong (e.g. he also reported that the Cardinals were not giving Lackey a QO about 5 minutes before the QO was announced), but just based on Cardinal frugality, I would expect him to be correct here….even if he has no or shitty sources.


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