Some overall Baseball regular season attendances in 2015 around the world.

Here are the results of some of the regular season attendances by each respective Baseball leagues around the World.

1.) Major League Baseball (MLB), is the definite winner and that will never change for a very VERY long time, with the amount of teams and regular season schedule they have, MLB is the king of the sporting world in terms of overall regular season attendance. With an overall attendance of 73,760,020 (up from 73,597,799) and a +162,221 this season compared to last year’s difference, MLB is clearly on a roll this year… We have the 2015 WS champion Kansas city Royals team to thank for in that huge jump of attendance, by having a 9,285 “diffpergame” compared to their previous season. Here are the other results of attendance of other teams in the league.

2.) Now next comes the, Nippon Professional Baseball league (NPB), is the second placer in this Baseball attendance race with an overall attendance of 24,236,920 this 2015 season compared to just 22,859,351 last season, with all 12 teams playing a total of 143 games in the season. Here are the overall results of attendance by both leagues.

(Via Yakyubaka)

Attendance Change in the Pacific League

Team 2014 2015 Change Notes
Nippon Ham 1,897,789 1,959,943 +3.3%
Rakuten 1,450,233 1,524,149 +6.6% New team record
Seibu 1,498,365 1,616,827 +7.9% New team record*
Lotte 1,223,915 1,322,004 +9.5%
Orix 1,703,734 1,767,220 +5.2% New team record*
Softbank 2,468,442 2,535,877 +2.7% New team record*
Total 10,242,478 10,726,020 +5.5% New league record

Attendance change in the Central League

Team 2014 2015 Change Notes
Yakult 1,438,775 1,657,511 +15.2% Most since 2005
Yomiuri 3,018,284 3,001,187 +0.8%
Hanshin 2,689,593 2,878,352 +7.0%
Hiroshima 1,904,781 2,110,266 +12.3% Most in franchise history
Chunichi 2,000,912 2,049,784 +2.4%
Yokohama 1,564,528 1,813,800 +17.6% Most since 2005
Total 12,616,873 13,510,900 +7.8% Most since 2005 to top 13M.

3.) Now the third and final in the list, Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), as of September 27, 2015, the South Korea’s KBO league topped over the seven million in total attendance (7,500,000 est.) for the second time in league history with all 10 teams playing 144 games this season, though they were anticipating at least 8 million plus in attendance with the coming of the league’s 10th team KT Wiz and it’s increase in season games this year (up from 128 games last year) in that start of the regular season, this is still a total win in attendance especially with the amount of rain outs and delayed games that they have this season due to bad weather, and also the VERY dreaded MERS virus that struck their nation, killing 36 people and the epidemic left the economy struggling and made people around the country in disarray…

The total attendance of the KBO league was still up, and the average attendance of some of the games was 10,158, the lowest average since 2007. Still quite a feat considering with the things that happened.

Now this is the result all-around after calculating the MLB, NPB and KBO overall totals leagues attendances — 105,496,940

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      1. Nice!

        Article suggestion: Article with a primer on what leagues outside MLB exist. In an ideal world, even with a estimate on their talent level compared to MLB, for instance most experts feel Japan’s league is roughly AAA level compared to MLB.


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