Mike Maddux Hired To Be Nationals Pitching Coach

Featured imageMike Maddux will be tasked with helping turn around the Nationals, who will be expecting a strong performance from their pitching staff if they hope to contend next season.

Maddux, widely considered one of the game’s finest pitching coaches, was actually hired just after Baker.

While the Nationals have been heavily criticized for the handling of their managerial negotiations, breaking off negotiations with Black and settling on a two-year deal worth $4 million with Baker, Maddux will become perhaps the highest-paid pitching coach in Major League Baseball.

It appears that the Rangers actually wanted Maddux to return, but his departure was a result of a miss-communication.

Full expected him to be back, kind of had to work through the contract. As we got a couple days into it, Mike had wanted to look around a little bit. It had gotten to a point where we thought we may not have a pitching coach, we may need to get out there and look. So we started the interview process. I guess the best way to put it is by the time Mike had gone through his process and wanted to come back and reengage, we’d gotten into the interview process.

It’s been a strange series of events, that ended with the best pitching coach in the game falling into the Nationals’ laps.  It will be really interesting to see what he can do in the District.

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