Captain Grit to replace Donny Baseball?

I can’t really believe this hiring would actually happen, but the Dodgers have reportedly interviewed Kirk Gibson for their managerial opening.

President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman has always been touted as a sabermetrics guy, as noted when Los Angeles hired him away from the Rays. And Gibson strikes me as being not a sabermetrics fan at all.

Surely, the Dodgers will have better options among the 10 or so expected to interview:

As many as 10 people are expected to interview for the job, sources told ESPN’s Mark Saxon.

Former San Diego Padres bench coach Dave Roberts already has interviewed, and University of Nebraska coach Darin Erstad reportedly will interview this week, sources said. Gabe Kapler, Ron Roenicke and Tim Wallach are expected to be candidates from in-house, sources said.

Chicago Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez and New York Mets bench coach Bob Geren also are expected to receive interviews. On Wednesday, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson acknowledged giving permission to Geren to speak with the team.

Bud Black, who was in the running for the managerial job with the Washington Nationals before Dusty Baker was hired, also reportedly will meet with the Dodgers.

I would take many of those over Captain Grit.

And, I also don’t think Gibson is the type of manager that many team presidents or GMs favor, buying into said GM’s strategy and viewpoints and confining himself to implementing them on the field.

On the more serious side, Gibby was diagnosed with Parkinson’s this spring. I don’t know how this would affect him in the dugout, etc.

40 thoughts on “Captain Grit to replace Donny Baseball?

  1. I would literally take all of them over Gibson if there were no interviews.

    As for the Parkinson’s, if it’s well controlled on his meds, then there’s no reason he couldn’t work as a manager.

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    1. To expand on my first sentence–all I know is what I’ve read and seen in televised interviews…and wasn’t favorably impressed I would invite him to an in-person interview however, as a first person impression could trump that preconceived idea of him.


  2. To bad about the illness, did not know that. I agree though that any of these guys are better choices, maybe a sentimental one year deal? Makes no sense either way.

    They need to win now so maybe kick him upstairs to be Lasorda’s personal assistant? Maybe hire the Eck to be his personal assistant? Maybe send the Panda and Hanley ” self propelled error ” Ramirez to be human toilets for the both of them?

    I wouldn’t want anything back, I would gladly pay for it just knowing that they are fulfilling their true destinies.

    Have I ever mentioned that I hated both of them?


  3. A sidebar thought.

    Gibby was known as supporting “headhunting” when he managed the Snakes. If I’m a Kershaw, or a Greinke who returns, I don’t want a manager who gives other teams encouragement to throw at me when I’m a pitcher taking my batting cuts.

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    1. I’m just sick of the throwing at batters bullshit. I want to see the best batters hit against the best throwers, the best fielders robbing the best hitters, the best base stealer going against the best catcher.

      Fucking fuck this stupid fucking shit! When your assholes throw at our assholes, we HAVE to fucking throw at your FUCKING assholes to prove…something?

      Do you see the point of diminished returns? By doing this stupid shit, we’re making my first paragraph a fantasy! Not scolding you my friend,
      just fucking sick of seeing good players go down for no reason.


      1. Now multiple that stupidity by about 100 (maybe 1000) and you have the frustration of being a hockey fan. We want to see the best skilled players face each other, we don’t want to see the goons sideline 1/2 the skilled players on each team with cheap shots.

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      2. Also just came back from TSFKAHBT and clicked on the Houston/ Berkman post and it’s like paper, drsmugs and a few others going against a full on PFT
        comment section, I WAS tempted to log on just to say to Craig; “WAS IT FUCKING WORTH IT CRAIG? THESE ARE YOUR NEW COMMUNITY! 75% of them HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS? But FUCK us though, we ONLY helped you grow, we ONLY self policed, we ONLY defended you, but yeah, fuck the commenters, page views is where it’s at!”

        But because I have this bastion of sanity, I get to unload here and harm no one. Love this site!


      3. Paper –

        You just explained something that people never understand about me. I like hockey. I used to teach roller hockey. I watch hockey at the olympics. I refuse to watch the NHL, follow any team or players. It is hockey + WWE and I outgrew that crap long ago. International hockey is great, however.

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      4. People are weird. For some reason, they feel like they don’t have enough important things to be pissed about…instead of being pissed about the important things (climate change, pollution, draining aquifers, shipping jobs over seas, etc.) they fabricate things to be scared of so they can be pissed at those.


      5. Agreed Reflex. If the NHL could be a game of skill, where there is physical play, but the focus is on skill…that would be great. But it always devolves into a game of clutching and grabbing and spearing and elbowing and eventually testosterone run amok….with player flying around trying to hurt the opposition instead of trying to beat them.

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      6. @Paperlions- didn’t know you had posted when I did the follow up. WHY are you over there tilting at windmills when you could probably come up with good SABR articles here? They are 85% brain dead over there, teach us olds to embrace the newest stats by showing us how to understand them. When I started following shysterball, you were one of the ones who made me change my mind on wins/rbi/batting average.

        Do it for all the newbies who are going to invade this site in the near future,
        Also, do it for your own sanity as TSFKAHBT is about to be irrelevant in the very near future!

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      1. Personality of a SOS pad! Yea fucking hah! Yeah, let’s be on the wrong side of
        history! He’s the worst human being since Cain, fuck him and his fiancee too!
        I’m so sick of this guy.. every single time he opens his mouth he’s FUCKING wrong! The travesty that happened in Houston reminded me of that fucking time he won a all star game and I hated him even more for being a phony piece of Shit then as much as I do now!

        Anyway, enough about Jeter, what has Lance said recently?

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      1. Sorry, not good with anything but the bare minimum of bashing my forehead against the keyboard, but you’re going to be a welcome addition. I broke my 1+ month vow not to post for you and oilcan because I miss both of you guys.

        Welcome home.

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      1. A little friggan needy there Gadfly, don’t you think? Let the old man suck a pack of tums before you bombard the gator with your NEEDS! He doesn’t even know what weeenter is for fucks sake, you want a fragile butterfly like OG
        to form an opinion on your posts?

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  4. I’ve been partially rousted out of retirement by a too-good-to-pass-up opportunity to develop and administrate a series of evening seminars on art, literature and post-colonialism at a major (by Macondo standards) art museum down here. In these initial stages, it’s been absorbing an inordinate amount of my time. I feel almost (I say, I say, almost) guilty about accepting guv’mint (in the enunciation of Huck’s dad) money to have this much fun. They’re ackcherley paying me to sit up at night and read C. L. R. James’ Beyond a Boundary in preparation, for example (speaking of baseball going to Europe, by the way, Creecket awaits you with open arms).

    But I am now jumping over to Socrates’ site to ponder his take on bat flips.


    1. Okay, here’s the text of my response to Fly’s post on The Electric Agora (although I always found Agora sweaters crackled like a son of a bitch whenever I approached a doorknob in one; neither Ed Wood Jr. nor I ever felt any need to plug them into anything):

      I sense a subtext herein – thanks, Cutch, for dropping a few depth charges to bring it to the surface, even if the damned things were ineffectual against Godzilla – of the dichotomy for our age: the “unwritten rules” are like the pointy white hats and sheets that contemporaneous baseball and designatedhitterball (another, equally septic, dichotomy for our age) wear to mask their true racist and xenophobic origins in pre-integration Amerika’s Past Time. They are a bulwark against the more joyous, demonstrative, dithyrambic (see, there’s your Birth of Tragedy echolalia, Fly – happy now?) style of the Afro-Caribbean and Latino ballplayer. What is the Bautista bat flip but a reminder to the last redoubts of WASP cultural purity of the Hispanic inversion of the exclamation point at the end of every one of their expressive sentences?You can hear a Donald Trump Stump Hump in every whine and puell of a WASP like Brian McCann – who famously chose a Latino, El Keed, for his most preposterous sweat, piss, jism, blood unwritten rules blowout of all – when some cracker atavistic croaks sore about playing the game “the right way.” He’s like a plantation overseer, shorn of his whip by enlightenment pretenses and thrown back upon the limited resources of his forebrain and mouth. He dreads the brown tide. He dreads the rapidfire, labial-privileging glottal bypass of Spanish enunciation. He dreads little crosses with ackcherel figures of Jesus nailed to them. But subliminally, I think, he’s standing guard over the western European gene pool, never mind how closely second generation slaves often resembled their owners. When Brian McCann or even Jonathan Papelbon explodes in indignation (and Paps, for all the delightful Derridean dissemination of his nickname suggests, picked a Mormon – yes, that’s right, a surrogate subaltern – for his most recent discharge of unwritten rules violation umbrage), the poor dim hayseed is merely still fighting the Civil War, like Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies.

      Anyway, the above is what I posted. It is “awaiting moderation.” Did I really think I could evade the Thought Police? Of course not. I just wish they’d stop shooting Black children for playing with squirt guns.

      I did want to add some information about where to find the “unwritten rules” where they lie slumbering in the baseball section of the Necronomicon, whence I have directed my gentle readers (and whatever happened to “the gentle reader” anyway? Missing and presumed dead, that’s what!) but, I figgered, this is a new venue and I didn’t want to overload it first time around.

      You’re welcome.

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