Zack Greinke Opts Out Of Contract

Featured imageAs expected, Zack Greinke officially opted out of his contract today and has filed for free agency.  He how leads an already deep and talented free agent pool.

Greinke, who might well win the National League Cy Young award, is 32. The Dodgers could re-sign him but are not expected to be interested in a contract that would extend into his late 30s. After the Dodgers were eliminated in the playoffs, controlling owner Mark Walter said President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman and General Manager Farhan Zaidi were well aware of what the team’s financial parameters would be in any Greinke deal.

Greinke had an outstanding 2015 campaign, going 19-3 with a 1.66 ERA, 200 Strikeouts, and a .844 WHIP.  He will likely be one of the finalists for the Cy Young award.

16 thoughts on “Zack Greinke Opts Out Of Contract

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      1. I’m here to help in any way possible. He has full permissions, it should simply be a matter of hitting the publish button, then waiting. I sent him a tutorial to help. I can tell you that sometimes when you hit publish it can take 5 mins or so before it shows up on the site, so sometimes it seems like it’s not publishing. He can also use the submit for review feature to send it to me and I can make it go live from there.


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  1. Greinke has come a long way from his rep as a lights out pitcher who couldn’t handle the social anxiety, hasn’t he?

    Oh, the silly narratives that propagate online.


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    1. Well, even Scherzer’s crazy 7y/$210M contract doesn’t actually pay him $30M a year, thanks to some creative accounting.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dodgers, or maybe even the Red Sox, come up with creative bookkeeping of their own to give Grienke something that looks like $30M+ a year without actually being $30M+ a year.


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