The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

I’m fighting off a cold, so this will be brief.

Wow. That is impressive.

That’s even more impressive.

But here’s the most impressive thing about today’s Kansas City Royals’ victory parade:  Jonny Gomes’ speech. I thought that d-nozz was still on the Braves’ roster. Shows what I know. Of course, Jonny gon’ be Jonny, so here’s a reminder of the total respect that Gomes shows to our nation’s colors:

You wanna tell him, or should I?

14 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

      1. Yep, I saw his work XD. Just checked on him a little while ago in his place to see how’s the rest of his blog doing but it turns out he can only make articles but cannot publish them here for anyone to be seen. He also got a little help from some of the authors in this site for his blog to get posted though. lol.


  1. More seriously, the Flag Code is, of course, suggestions. The “shoulds” are not legal proscriptions. And, even if they had been legal proscriptions at one time, since Texas v Johnson in 1989, they cannot be today.


        1. Thank you, Gadfly. I saw a thing about it on tv but haven’t seen anything online. Appreciate it.


  2. Jonny Gomes is attention hounding douchecanoe. He appeared in 12 games for the Royals and wasn’t even on the friggin playoff roster- not that you could tell based upon his regular appearances at the top of the dugout steps. I’m sure all of the Royals players who suffered through the heartbreak of losing the WS last year and fought so hard to get back are super excited that the biggest take away from their parade will be that this dingbat once again couldn’t resist the urge to grab the mike and make it all about him.

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