This Week’s Slice of Pie

It’s been awhile since pie was awarded to anyone. You probably are asking why that is the case, and if you are, know that it’s because you ate that slice of pie before I could give it out! Nice work putting pie in your pie hole, you pie-hole. I’m kidding of course, the real answer is that no one deserved any pie, dammit!

But this week is different. There is an obvious and very deserving group of individuals that deserve some pie. Not only do they get some pie, they get to choose the type and where it is made. They are just that special. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to the Kansas City Royals and their fans an entire selection of local pies. Congratulations, Kansas City, your fans and Joe Posnanski for one hell of a dominant season.

UPDATE: has a solid article on key aspects of what made the Royals successful this postseason. Not extremely insightful, but it does highlight how fantastic they were during the postseason, and the big risks they took that paid off handsomely, all of which helped them get that World Series title.

13 thoughts on “This Week’s Slice of Pie

  1. Mmmm, pie. (Unfortunate placement behind the previous post). But Hell, I like pie anyway.

    What I watched during the Astros’ series was a perfect microcosm of what the MLB article said. It was a heartbreaker to be two innings away from the ALCS and not get to go, but the Royals did there what they did to every other team. A couple of walks after numerous foul-offs, then one teensy error, and the avalanche started. KC was clearly the best team in the majors this year.

    On a related note, that deal with the Rays for Davis and Shields becomes a classic example of “don’t judge a trade for at least two years.” The early opinions were that KC had given up too much. But the deal was key to getting where they are now.


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    1. It was a fair trade. Didn’t like giving up Davis, but Odorizzi was a solid “get.” The Rays were never going to get to keep Shields, and they got one playoff run out of Myers.


      1. Yeah, I generally don’t buy into the “winner/loser” aspect. Each team has its own needs . But it certainly gave KC what they needed at that time.

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    1. When someone says “Cake or pie?” I say “yes.” But that is not to rule out my all time favorite dessert, th

      breadpuddingsoufflefruitpiecremebruleebrownieicecreamcake cake.


    2. There are very few desserts I say “no” to. Thus far that list mincemeat pie and rhubarb pie. All other pies are just fine…well except for the Spanish word “pie,” which means foot. I will not eat feet.


      1. Agreed with mincemeat pie, just eight slices of nope. I actually have no preference, it all depends on the ingredients, but if you read my past replies I pick one over the other depending on if I’m hungry or not.

        I have read some delicious recipes on TSFKAHBT and said that sounds awesome, I’ll go to the grocery store tomorrow. I wake up the next day and read it and I’m like, nah, I’ll make a pizza instead. Desert is the same thing.

        As for eating feet? I might be enticed to eat Shakira’s feet, I bet they taste like sex and candy…..and maybe they smell like unicorn breath with a hint of kitten purrs. Man.. I so love her. Too bad that she’s so self absorbed that she won’t give up everything to come live with me in the asshole of Maine. Well… we’ll always have the restraining order together….

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        1. “unicorn breath with a hint of kitten purrs” ….I’m just letting that one marinate for a second…

          This is a nice thing to read after perusing HBT comments for KC sore winners :/ I may have to write some more satire soon…shit just writes itself

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      2. @El Bravo- you’re correct that some of them are getting cocky, but they deserve it, especially kcrobert cause he’s a fan with a sense of humor, he’s been pretty good about it and he did pretty much nail it. Blacksables has been missing too, but I think that they are just partying with the other fans and rightfully so.

        I’m not going to be naive and say that it’s not gonna go to their heads, but I have a good feeling for drsmug, kcrobert and to a lesser extent Sables, as the monkey is off their fucking backs. They no longer have to justify to themselves that the lifelong fandom was worth it, they got a trophy.

        I’m gonna admit that I was an insufferable prick in 2004, but that lasted a few weeks, living in D.C. at the time made me feel better about it as their is a shit ton of Red Sox fans living there. Probably had a lot to do with legacy grads from Harvard and Yale, but two weeks later it didn’t matter because it’s D.C.

        Whatever happened yesterday is only as important as you make it, I guess that’s why I’m not a stereotypical Sox fan, I am probably harder on them than some of the Yankees fans. But unlike Yankees fans, I look good in pinstripes.



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