Nationals Officially Announce Dusty Baker As Manager

Featured imageIt’s official.  We promise this time.  For realsies.  The Washington Nationals have hired Dusty Baker as their manager.  See it’s even on their own team blog and everything.  You would be forgiven to think that maybe they hired Bud Black, but apparently negotiations broke down once Bud saw the actual contract that was being offered.

While Baker had been considered one of two finalists to take over the Nats dugout, the club was reportedly set to go instead with Bud Black. Indeed, Black and the Nats are said to have agreed to move forward with a relationship before contract negotiations stalled. Black was reportedly shocked at Washington’s first offer, which was for one year and $1.6MM.  Washington then increased its offer to two years at a “lowball” salary, but talks never gained traction.

So, time to look forward and not backward right?  In Baker, the Nats get a decidedly experienced manager.  While Baker has never won a World Series, he has managed in a grand total of 3,175 games.  Of course the big stigma following Dusty Baker is the debate over how well he can properly protect his pitching staff.  The Nationals are very dependent on their starting rotation, and the D.C. media is certainly not one to shy away from calling a manger out. 

Is Baker the man to turn this very promising, yet very troubling franchise around?  Will Baker be able to manage a team with both Bryce Harper and Johnathan Papelbon in the same clubhouse?  Will Strasburg and Scherezer flourish or flounder under new management?  And just who will be sitting next to Baker when the games actually begin?

Either way, MLB will be happy as this hire may reduce the current outcry for their lack of diversity in management.

48 thoughts on “Nationals Officially Announce Dusty Baker As Manager

  1. For off-season Baseball foreign interest.

    Breaking news: Lee Dae-ho, a South Korean slugging 1B/DH has expressed his interest and will soon be headed for the Major leagues this year. He was also the Japan Series MVP this year, throughout the last 5 games of the JS, he went 8 for 16 (.500) with 2 homeruns and 8 RBI’s (And is the only Korean player so far to win the Japan Series MVP award in Japan).

    He still had 500 million yen (4,128,495 USD) guaranteed next year in Softbank but abandoned it to chase his dream, to become a Major leaguer. His family already supported it so he made his decision to go. He partnered with Seoul-based Montis Sports Management Group, which has teamed up with MVP Sports Group in the United States… He can play 3rd base, although he’s not that very good at it, he will improve and will prepare himself if his soon to be organization wants him to play that position. A RHB with a build of 191cm and 120kg, he can hit for both average and power with hits mainly going center and right. Throughout his 4 year tenure in the NPB– he has hit .293/.486/.370 hitting 98 homeruns and 348 RBI’s. In his 11 KBO seasons– he has hit .309 with 225 homeruns and 809 RBI’s.

    “My dream is to reach the majors, and I am confident that I can work harder to play better there. A baseball player is happiest when he’s in uniform competing on the field. I will play for any club that wants me.” is what he said at 0:30 to 0:40 in the video.

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      1. This is a very interesting read, in the KBO and it’s South Korean born players when regarding about doing the bat flips. They say that they did it because they were caught up in the moment as their bat made contact with the ball, whether it’s a single, flyout or a foul ball, players there will do some bat flips without any hesitation, they don’t do this to show off the opposing pitchers. Foreign players who played in that league have no issue with the flips… But even though flips are VERY common in South Korea, some South Korean ballplayers, although very few, were and are still against the bat flips– Oh Ji-hwan and Park Yong-taik (13 year veteran and a well known team leader) are the most notable players that are against them when interviewed by YTN and TVcha 2 years ago, granted that both of em are current LG Twins (still rooting for the team by the way) players, the LG Twins are the only team in the KBO league (just based on observation) in the last 5 years that rarely flips their bat when they made contact.

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    1. Ren –

      Some of us have discussed it privately, but would you be interested in turning these Asian baseball posts into actual articles? What you have there is an actual article, its 90% there already. We would love to have you as a writer here. And your knowledge of the Asian leagues is fantastically deep. You also have good insights into MLB as well if you wanted to write on that, you wouldn’t need to only post about Asian ball..

      Please consider it. We have been tossing the idea around for a while and I know you have support of management here.

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      1. I really want to make one though but I don’t know how… Aside from commenting and finding/posting foreign Baseball videos… Making an article is something I’m not really good at.

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      2. That comment above about Lee Dae-ho would easily be a good article all by itself.

        It really doesn’t take any more than that.


      3. Yes, as it stands it is an article. Your writing is already very good, it just needs to be posted as articles in the WordPress system. If you are willing to write, we can get Scoutssaysweitersisabust to set you up as a writer so you can post that stuff directly.


      4. Reflex, what should I do in order for my post to be seen by others in the home page? I already made one and accepted scout’s invitation but the post I made is still not there, I can see it in the “dashboard drafts” of mine though.


      5. There’s a button that says “Publish” when you are making a post. Where it is depends on which posting page you are using, but it’s there somewhere. You’ll have to hit that in order for it to be visible.

        I can see both of your posts in the drafts folder too, but I can’t publish them for you. It also looks like you’ve somehow made them both “sticky” posts, which I’m not even sure how to do myself…..


      6. Actually, after playing around with things for a bit, it looks like I can publish them. I published the first one, but I’ll leave the other for you.

        There is one other little trick….it’s always good to include a “Featured Image” in your posts. If you don’t, then the full post shows up on the main page. You can look at the post of yours that I published to see what I’m talking about.

        If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to ask. I’d bet pretty much anyone here can help.


      1. Kind of an, er, “husky” guy, too. Converting Ren’s metrics to English, that’s 6-4 and 265, but B-Ref lists him even bigger, at 286. I, uh, don’t see him playing 3B, unless …

        Hey, Slappy, does Cherington want a taller Panda? 🙂


        1. We know that (both that we are fools and that we are old…I presume to speak for SG, but I know for sure that he is a fool and he seems old).


  2. I fully expected, and kinda hoped for, a Nats collapse after Pap came over. I was just shocked by it generally and thought it would do the Nats no good…so I was right, but now I’m feeling bad for wishing ill upon them. In no way did I wish for a choking despite the great news stories it created!

    Anyway, do I think Dusty can change this team and it’s lack of chemistry? Maybe, but I doubt it. Winning will change the culture more than anything. If Dusty can help arrange for some extra W’s, they will be okay. Soooo, what do you think I’m hoping for??? 🙂


  3. Well, goodbye to all that Sabrmetrics stuff. Dusty won’t put up with any of that. But if he at least runs a clubhouse where relief pitchers don’t strangle star outfielders it will be a step up.

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      1. Wow, good picture. But I would judge strangling Jeff Kent to be a public service. He was the only player I could think of who made Barry Bonds look like a good guy.

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  4. Somebody help me out here. Has any team EVER offered a new manager a one-year contract before? Did they honestly think there was any chance he would take it? Most managers chafe at being forced to manage with one year left on a long term deal. Why on earth would any manager, especially one with major league managerial experience, walk into a situation where they are basically a lame duck from day one? Bizarre.

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    1. I think it used to be standard for all personnel to be on 1 year deals, but with player FA and longer term deals after the death of the reserve clause, managers started to get longer deals as well….but yeah, been decades since a manager would be offered only a 1 year deal to join a team.


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