Another Honor for McCutchen

Recently, Andrew McCFeatured imageutchen received an honor that is undoubtedly humbling and inspiring and incredibly beautiful.  It affirms why he won the Roberto Clemente Award for his community service, sportsmanship, and representation of the best of MLB.  Cutch has received a number of awards and recognitions, but it’s likely that this one will be among his most treasured momentos.  It won’t mean much to collectors — what’s a kid’s homerun ball?  Well, you have to read the “authentication” to see it’s real value.  You can do so here:

Kid plays centerfield.  Go, Wolfpack!

17 thoughts on “Another Honor for McCutchen

  1. I saw this on Twitter this evening and got a little choked up. What a beautiful thing to receive. Like I always say, Cutch is a treasure.


        1. Agreed, I’ve gotten used to the idea over the years….I don’t like it, but I am disappointed in people less than I used to be.


        1. I have the first of those on a fridge magnet.

          In that same vein, but a little meaner, I’ve seen bumper stickers here that say, “Jesus, save us from your followers.”

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    1. Same. He and Rasmus were always compared as prospects, drafted as CFers the same year. Rasmus was generally better regarded because of his size, power, and patience….but he never put it together (probably due to mental and personality aspects rather than physical ability), so I’ve always followed Cutch pretty closely since I was a Rasmus fanboy from the day he was drafted until he was traded.

      Cutch isn’t the best player in the league, but he’s the one I like the best.


        1. Oh sure…he’s among the top 10 players in the league…but it is the awesomeness of personality that makes him stand out.


  2. Nice story and great keepsake for Andrew McCutchen. Now Pittsburgh management what are you doing to keep Andrew McCutchen in Pittsburgh for his entire career? There have only been a handful of Pirates that have made Pittsburgh THE team to play for, Andrew has been the only one of recent memory.


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