New Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro Opts Out of Rocking the Boat — For Now

As per Rogers Sportsnet, Mark Shapiro has started his tenure as Blue Jays’ president in the right way, with minimal boat rocking — at least minimal after the unexpected and sudden departure of GM Alex Anthopoulos. Tony LaCava, the long-time Assistant General Manager, has been promoted to the GM position (at least on an interim basis) and Manager John Gibbons will be back in the dugout in 2016.

LaCava has a history with Shapiro going back to 2002, when he was the national crosschecker for the Indians and Shapiro was the GM.

8 thoughts on “New Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro Opts Out of Rocking the Boat — For Now

    1. Not entirely sure. All I know is that he went from being Director of Player Development for the Expos in 2000-2001, to the Indians in 2002 (where he advised Shapiro on the prospects to try and get from the Expos in the Bartolo Colon trade) and then on to the Jays in 2003.

      Apparently his position as National Crosschecker was a promotion, because in 1996 he was Regional Crosschecker for the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim and Disneyland.


  1. Not really a promotion though, is it? If AA had stayed, LaCava would have essentially been demoted as well to assistant assistant GM. Now, he’s still an Assistant GM, perhaps with a bit more responsibility…but he’s still not a real GM that is running the show.


    1. I guess that remains to be seen. I worry that the “interim” title is only until Shapiro can get one of his own people in there, but time will tell.


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