In Case You Missed It – The Royals Won the World Series

In case you missed it, the Royals turned the tables on the Mets last night in extra innings and took home the title for best team 2015.  After a dominating start by Matt Harvey who went 8 innings, gave up 5 hits, and two runs (Both of which came in the 9th).  The Royals were able to tie the game due to a very risky and ill advised advancement by Eric Hosmer, who was able to score due to an error on the throw by Lucas Duda. Duda was not officially charged with an error, but I’ve always felt they are a little too forgiving when assigning errors.  The game remained tied until the Royals were able to bust out for five runs in the top of the 12th.  Again, the strength of the Royals bullpen showed up as they went 6 innings giving up just two hits and one walk for yet another Royals come from behind victory.

Congratulations to the Royals and their fans.  Hopefully now that they’ve finally won something, they will be a little more tolerable next year.  Oh who am I kidding.  Probably not.

25 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – The Royals Won the World Series

  1. The Mets had many opportunities to win and made many costly mistakes. Credit to the Royals for taking full advantage of every opportunity. I am convinced they are witches. Um, congratulations!

    Is there any fan base that is tolerable after they win a World Series?


    • Nope, there isn’t. It is a giant catch-22…you want to see suffering fan bases get to be joyful and celebrate, but then you find out that those long suffering fans are a bunch of insufferable knobs.


      • I used to believe Mariners fans would be tolerable, but seeing their behavior after the Seahawks got good I’m not optimistic anymore. I know they were remarkably civil during the 116 win season, but that didn’t result in a WS…


        • I should revise…I think 99% of every fan base wears their new found championships well…but there is 1% of the fan base that is loud and annoying (mostly online) that sours us on the entire fan base. Living in eastern CT since 2006, I can even say that this seems to be true for Red Sox fans. Most are actually great and fun fans…but holy crap are jackwagon RS fans loud and annoying.

          With social media and comment platforms, it is too easy for a few obnoxious idiots to come to represent millions of quiet and reasonable fans.

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  2. Everything looks bad when it doesn’t work – but sorry, there is no WAY you let Harvey pitch the 9th! 102 pitches may not seem like a lot – unless you have averaged 86 pitches over your last 7 starts, and haven’t gone past 97 in 2 months! Not to mention he looked gassed – Dark Knight was replaced by Bela Lugosi, IMO.

    2 run lead, there is NO tomorrow, you go with the person most likely to preserve that lead. And that was not Harvey. Collins and Harvey both acted on emotions at a time when they should have used there head.

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    • At first I thought it would be OK for Harvey to start the ninth, the way he had been dealing. But after that first pitch out, I knew it was a flaming dumpster fire.

      The real error in all of this was Terry Collins not immediately going out there to pull Harvey and bring in Familia. I got unpleasant flashbacks to 2003. It was horrible.


      • Man, you need to watch some Matheny October magic. He makes Collins’ decision making process look downright reasonable.

        …but yeah, Collins made some dumb decisions last night. Letting Cespedes finish his AB…leaving Harvey in to face the lineup a 4th time. Still, 12 innings and only 4 hits.


  3. I think Collins’ decision to let Cespedes stay in the game to finish that at-bat after he injured himself on that foul tip was FAR worse than any decision regarding Harvey.

    Bases loaded with nobody out, that was their chance to put some real distance between themselves and the Royals, and Collins lets an obviously-injured guy swing the bat and then limp off the field.

    If they have more than just those two runs, everything that happened in the 9th looks a lot different.


  4. A big part of the KC game is the hyperagressive style, especially on the basepaths. Lorenzo Cain scored from first on a single on a lazy throw-in from the outfield against Houston.

    There is a lot to be said for the calculated testing of other teams’ being able to execute the defensive play. I’m not sure how much calculation went into Hosmer’s move, but it reflects a general philosophy that KC uses to great advantage.


  5. It was a good World Series and a very good season. Everything people complain about baseball, that it is slow and boring, that only big money teams have a chance, that the ratings inevitably suck, etc, was disproven this year. I especially liked that so many downtrodden teams had a good chance, and even the Yankees making the playoffs as a WC was full of unlikely stories and performances.

    Really this was a very unpredictable season in a good way.


    • I agree. It was an enjoyable season all around. Every non-KC fan will have something to complain about….I wish the Cardinals had more than 1/2 their starters (both on the mound and in the field) healthy for the playoffs…but they didn’t….still, I greatly enjoyed the 100 win season…the emergence of Carlos Martinez, Piscotty, Grichuk, and Pham was fun as hell…as was having Jason Heyward on the team.

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