Padres Will Name Andy Green Next Manager

Featured imageToday appears to be the day for naming your next manager.  According to MLBTradeRumors, the Padres will name Andy Green their next manager.  Ron Gardenhire and Rick Sofield were also believed to be heavily in consideration.

The 38-year-old Green will instantly become one of the youngest managers in baseball (though Tampa Bay’s Kevin Cash is still younger). That’s not to say, however, that he comes without managerial experience. To the contrary, Green has four seasons of minor league managerial experience in spite of his young age. From 2011-14, he managed in the D-Backs’ minor league system, including a pair of postseason berths for the Double-A Mobile Bay Bears in 2013-14. Green was named Southern League Manager of the Year in each of those two seasons.

It’s looking more and more likely we will begin the season without a single minority manager.  I know I keep harping on this issue, but it’s not like there aren’t plenty of qualified candidates.

21 thoughts on “Padres Will Name Andy Green Next Manager

  1. Did I miss Fredi getting fired by the Barves? Either you don’t consider Cuban-born Fredi Jesus Gonzalez to be a minority, or you are just trolling El Bravo by refusing to acknowledge that the Barves are an actual major league team.


  2. We obviously need Historio, ‘Burgie or the Perfesser to step up here and rank all these white-bread managers in order of handsomeness, because it would sure beat having a male, balding former lawyer do it for us.

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      1. He’s obviously needing those glasses.

        I’m a poor judge of these things. Craig Counsell isn’t too bad, I guess.


  3. AA for three years? A development league? He’s 38 and I have never heard of him. Did he even get to the big leagues? Not trying to diminish his career, but, if he didn’t make fifty million in his playing days, how will try to lead a bunch of millionaires who just all shit the bed for a fan base who had high expectations this year?

    I’m gonna say…

    1) He was inexpensive.
    2) He is a fall guy for the G.M. and ownership if they suck next year.
    3) Midseason firing if things look like Padres SOP and they suck coming out of the gate.
    4) I feel sorry for the guy as he’s probably never gonna get another chance for years and years if 2) and or 3) happen.
    5) As a former degenerate gambler, I hope he’s gonna get to series next year.

    Because THAT’S HOW YOU GO ALL IN folks!


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