Marlins to Hire Mattingly

Wow, that sure seemed fast.  It appears that the Marlins will be hiring former Dodger skipper Don Mattingly just a week after his announced departure from L.A.  The Marlins and the Don have agreed to a four year deal.  An official announcement will not come until after the World Series as MLB prefers to keep the focus on the final games.  The Marlins apparently interviewed several candidates, but with the speed at which they hired Mattingly, you have to wonder just how seriously they took any of those pesky diversity requirements.

Incredibly, the 54-year-old Mattingly becomes the Marlins’ eighth manager since the 2010 season, Knight points out. He’ll be replacing GM-turned-skipper Dan Jennings, who bizarrely transitioned from the front office to the dugout in nearly unprecedented fashion earlier this year after Mike Redmond was fired as manager. The Marlins will pay Redmond through the 2017 season and only recently had Redmond’s predecessor, Ozzie Guillen, come off the books, as his four-year contract expired upon completion of the 2015 season despite the fact that he was fired three years ago.

2 thoughts on “Marlins to Hire Mattingly

  1. And the painted ponies
    Go round and round….

    Yeah, well, we’ve all seen those carousels where every two or three rows of animated ponies you get a fixed four-seat bench in the form of a spouting feesh of some sort, right outta the whited spaces on ancient maps where monsters do leeve and where there is nothing other of the known world but conjectural weends. Pretty good confabulation of the Rainbow Warriors’ front orifice, I reckon.

    I expect that Donnie Baseball is already studying those luxury round the world cruise brochures for an April 2018 departure.


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