Marlins to Dismiss Dan Jennings

Featured imageLooks like the shakeup in Miami is still underway as the Marlins are now pulling a 180 and will be dismissing Dan Jennings.  The Former turned Manager, almost made a return to the front office.  The timing of this seems suspicious as Miami has just hired Don Mattingly to manage the team.  Jennings has three seasons left on his contract, so Miami will be on the hook for the remainder of his contract.

Jennings, 55, has been with the Miami organization since 2002. He served as the club’s general manager — working alongside president of baseball operations Michael Hill — from 2013 through the middle of 2015. After the team fired manager Mike Redmond in May, Jennings moved into the skipper’s seat in an eyebrow-raising move that didn’t pan out.

9 thoughts on “Marlins to Dismiss Dan Jennings

    1. It’s like that place in Pennsylvania that had to be abandoned because the fires of Hell have been burning underground for like 30 years and won’t go out for another five hundred or something. Unlivable, dangerous, and ultimately evil.


      1. And, in all seriousness, perhaps Scrooge McLoria is beginning to succumb to dementia of some sort. Study his behavior. I dealt with an aged father and an aged mum-in-law and observed the ravages of dementia and Alzheimer’s at close range. Scrooge is old enough (though of course there are premature onsets as well) and his erratic actions conform with a number of patterns common to the condition.

        In which case, what do you do with Donald Sterling 2.0 if you’re Rob Manfred? Not much you can do, I guess.

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