In Case You Missed It – World Series Game 2

Even when things go wrong for Kansas City, they go right.  Alcides Escobar failed twice to lay down a bunt, ends up singling anyways.  That was the basic theme for the Royals and the Mets last night.  The Royals just found a way to keep plugging along where the Mets managed to find none of the same sort of good luck bounces.  Eric Hosmer bounced a single between a few fielders up the middle for two runs.  By the time Mike Moustakas singled in the Royals’ fourth run of the inning, the game seemed well underhand.  Jacob deGrom, seemingly only one pitch from getting out of trouble all night, couldn’t find that one pitch.  He ended up giving up 4 runs on 6 hits, 3 walks, and just 2 strikeouts over 5 innings.  It ended up being more than the Royals needed as mid-season acquisition Johnny Cueto, who had been struggling toward the latter part of the season put on a dominant performance.  Cueto pitched a complete game and only gave up 1 run on 2 hits.  Both of those hits were given up to Lucas Duda.  Now the Mets will return home, hoping to do what only 10 other teams have done before.  Rally from a 2-0 deficit as the Royals look to put the finishing touches on the 2015 season.

2 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – World Series Game 2

  1. Hopefully other teams start noticing, and start transitioning away from “three true outcomes” toward more contact and speed based offenses.


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