World Series Game 2 – This Time ( 8:00pm) It’s Personal

@historiophiliac being super lazy today, so I’ll just do her job for her!  Why?  Because I’m awesome and a great boss and well, just the coolest.  Not my words, hers.  Promise.  She also wanted everyone to know she’s unable to post because she’s too busy buying up all the Royals gear she can get her hands on.  I believe the exact quote was “Ned Yost is sooooooooooo dreamy.”

While yesterday’s game is unlikely to be repeated, tonight’s game features a fantastic pitching matchup, with Met’s stud Jacob deGrom (That lowercase d throws me off every time.) up against Johnny Cueto for the Royals.

Last night’s game went 14 innings, so bullpen match-ups will be key tonight.  Thankfully the game is in Kansas City, so the DH will give the teams a little bit of breathing room.  Both pitchers will need to be on their A game tonight as they will need to give their teams some serious innings.  Of course with so many scheduled days off, this is less of a concern as it could be.

So, who do you got?  The long haired kid, or the hired gun?

Side note, I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss a matter of extreme importance.  The overall terribleness of Aquaman.  I mean, really he’s just the worst.  Can you imagine him around the Justice League table with all the other heroes?  “I can fly, I’m impervious to damage, and can shoot laser beams out of my eyes.”  “I can fly, travel in space, and create solid objects out of light with my imagination.” “I can phase through objects, have super strength, and can transform into powerful beasts.”  “I can talk to fish.”  When a super hero can be defeated by simply walking a few feet inland, you know you have problems.  Dude is just the worst.

43 thoughts on “World Series Game 2 – This Time ( 8:00pm) It’s Personal

  1. 70% of this mo-fo is water, and as everything sinks into the ocean thanks to global warming, you’ll wish Aquaman would come save you. I get that he’s blonde and they made him too pretty in some of the comics, but I don’t understand all the hate for a guy who can go down for literally hours. Haters gon’ hate, I know. Go on with your lame selves.

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  2. I like the hippie soon to be conformist Jacob over the petulant ” maybe quietly hurt ” hired gun tonight. If Cueto isn’t dinged up, then I still like the hippie. I’m sorry to say that I think the Bosox are going to be all in for Cueto, Price and anyone else for billions of dollars and years. They may win a series, maybe two even, but they will price themselves out of me going in person, obviously I LOVE beer, but sixty, seventy dollar six packs, forty for parking, thirty for food, etc.

    Then I got to buy a ticket? I could go see them play twice next season or I could upgrade my 55″ t.v. for a 80″ and stick the 55″ in the bedroom.

    Yeah I talked myself into it, t.v. it is! Maybe a PS4 too.


  3. As always, Team deGrom forever. Still don’t understand why they started Harvey last night.

    Also, I am crazy jealous of his hair. Mine never looks that voluptuous and perfect.


    1. My hair is approaching deGrom-length, should be there by about Christmas. And it will look fantastic, as it always does at that length.

      I figure by around the 4th of July it’ll be time to chop it all off and start over again.


        1. Sure, if you feel like it. But like I said, it’ll all be gone in the not too distant future, to a Trout-esque sort of situation….


      1. Mine is the same length but half the volume. No bald spots yet but I have the Jack Nicholson thing going up front. Then again, other than the seven years in the Army, I’ve always had long hair since my mom let me do what I want since junior high.

        Oh and the grey thing too. I look like a poor man’s Richie Blackmore minus the talent, fame, wealth and everything else. At least that’s what I get told.

        Not that there is anything wrong with going bald, but I love running into old classmates and seeing them now, out of shape, spouting right wing propaganda on Facebook, bald and stupid isn’t what I expected from all the ” popular people” but I’m glad that they didn’t have the life that they thought they deserved.

        Probably says more about me than them, but they were all narcissistic people then based on their looks, then don’t I have the right to act smug now?
        No? Okay then. Carry on.


    1. I’m working on that one, with great success, and when I get a haircut, that’s pretty much exactly what I end up with. Now picture that with a salt-and-pepper mustache/gaotee and you’ve got me… (minus the Bruce Willis fortune, fame, talent, charm, etc.) Although I can belt out a pretty decent “Yippee Ki-yay, MFer” if I try. 🙂


      1. I don’t think it’s prematurely graying anymore at my age, although I did start going gray in my 30’s, thanks to those genes I inherited from my dear departed mother,


      1. I think that was literally the first such comment on this site. You’ll be fine.

        Besides, unless you read super nerdy comic books and/or watch super nerdy cartoons, you’d have no idea what’s going on in these comments anyway.

        And historio isn’t just any hero. She’s the Greatest American Hero…

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      2. Indeed. GAH is not any more or less nerdy than GOT. It’s just a different flavor is all.

        But reducing the titles of shows to just their initials is most definitely super nerdy. Don’t do it unless you are an asshole.


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