In Case You Missed It – World Series – Game 1

Game one was a bit of a doozy.  I’m not gonna lie, I passed out pretty early and missed the thrilling conclusion of Eric Hosmer’s Walk-Off sacrifice fly.  That is about as thrilling as sacrifice fly’s get.  What was thrilling was Alex Gordon’s tying solo home run in the bottom of the 9th with one out.

As was Alcides Escobar’s inside the park home run to begin the first inning.  As per usual, the inside the park home run was aided by a defensive miscue that was not deemed an error.  In this case it was Yoenis Cespedes forgetting he wasn’t playing soccer and kicking the ball 50 feet or so.  Escobar, who is very fast made it without so much as a throw from the relay man.  Make sure to watch the clip, for one of my favorite bit of commentary to-date.  “I can’t believe he threw a fastball over the plate first PITCH!”  I guess he was supposed to throw a curve-ball three feet off the outside edge?  Mike Moustakas made a really nice stop at third to end the 6th.

Of course the Mets did a few nice things themselves.  Here’s Curtis Granderson hitting a solo home run to give the Mets a 2-1 lead in the 5th.  This was after Travis d’Armaud singled off Mike Moustakas’ glove to tie the game in the 4th.  The Mets also managed to flash a little leather themselves, as Wilmer Flores shows off his range and arm strength nailing Alcides Escobar at first.

Matt Harvey for all the hype and talk that surrounds him did not have a particularly great night, giving up 3 runs and 5 hits over 6 innings, with 2 walks and only two strike outs.

Edinson Volquez, didn’t have that much better of a game going 6 innings and giving up 3 runs on 6 hits, one walk, and 3 strikeouts.  He also managed to hit two batters.  Sadly, Volquez was unable to enjoy the victory as he found out after the game that his father passed away at the age of 63.

Game 2 begins tonight at 8:00p.m. EST and will feature young Jacob deGrom for the Mets vs. Johnny Cueto for the Royals.  Hopefully Fox can keep the power on tonight.

33 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – World Series – Game 1

  1. It was a great game. Even though I fell asleep, I had programmed by cyberspace deck to feed the game to my midbrain via my skull jack and wound up hugging my wife in my sleep. Buddha only knows what she thought I wanted.


      1. Where do you go to collect all those discarded filters and roaches, and what do you do with them? Distribute them to the homeless?


  2. I missed the first 4 innings and thus the Escobar inside-the-parker. The folks who schedule the WS failed to check with me about my son’s little league football schedule. Baseball ain’t dying, but it can’t compete with that!


      1. It’s fine at that age and weight, it’s in HS and above that it’s becoming really dangerous. You got 5’7″ 140 pounder going up against 6’3″ 220 pounder. That’s a recipe for disaster. It’s the reason I stopped playing after ninth grade.

        Seven deaths already this year. With the expense, inherent risk and size difference, I have a feeling more and more parents are going to have a tough decision going forward.

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      2. “Letting” is indeed the correct word. I do not push any particular sport, although I do push fitness and participation in general…especially as PE in school is about once a week only (and people wonder why there’s an obesity epidemic). I’m also particular about who coaches him and how. His coaches go to great length in teaching proper technique, which is the main way to avoid injury. My son genuinely loves the game, and–as an autistic child–it’s pretty remarkable that he likes to get in there and play something that physical and aggressive. That he’s good at it has helped his acceptance by other kids, has helped his confidence and self-esteem, and his performance in school as well. He also plays basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring/summer, but it’s football that he truly loves.

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  3. Caught the tail end of the game after I got down here to Cocoa Beach. Missed all the early action, but the end was fun (I guess, if you’re a KC fan). Was sorry t see The Beast take the loss, but the Mutts apparently coulda won it earlier. Oh well. Got blown off the water, so no flyfishing today. Tomorrow, though for sure.


  4. For a brief moment in time, we were blessed with a Joe and Harold free feed. What a cluster-f.

    And then there was me, sickly, laying on the sofa, pleading with Terry Collins to pill Harvey in the 6th because I could see the future, and it was not pretty.


    1. Verducci is just as bad. I was mostly watching the Blues game as it was on NBCSN, so for once I didn’t have to watch in on the laptop…between periods and during commercials I checked in on the WS. At one point they ignored the game completely and were talking about how Verducci coined Harvey’s Dark Knight nickname….all I could think was “Holy fucking shit, get over yourselves and at least try to discuss baseball and this game or these teams rather than congratulating yourselves on how awesome you think you are.”


      1. Yeah, not to be crude or anything but half the time the commentary was s big circle jerk. I mean, there was nothing informative or entertaining at all.

        I had a text conversation with a friend last night during the game, and we both agreed it was crap that Fox postponed the game because of the technical difficulties. I know, “replay” was affected but we’ve been playing baseball for over a hundred years, come on.


      2. Actually, Professor, I don’t think I could find a better term than “circle jerk” for just about every Fox baseball broadcast ever aired. Holy crap those guys are annoying as a paper cut.

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      3. Have you noticed the vitriolic idiocy against Calcaterra lately? I mean he always had his critics, but some of them just want to slag on him for no reason. I an certain most, if not all of you disagree with him one time or another, but if half of the commenters are getting upvotes for just spewing hate then why are they there?

        I’m always gonna have a soft spot for Craig, because he introduced me to you all, but I am glad I gave my fuck-you’s on the way out and also gave him ( for me ) a good parting of ways. I only wish I could find that post to see how it was perceived, but alas I was only entitled to 36 hours of searching and I ignored him for a week. Not even using my acronym could I search, then again I’m sure it went to the wrong post anyway!


  5. One of the benefits of watching the World Series in this time zone is the more amenable start time of 11:00am (or whenever Fox is done feeding the commercial meter). Thankfully, I’m past that life stage of paid employment so, with time on my hands, what better way to spend five hours than on the epic battle that was game 1?

    Of course, viewing in this location also brings its downsides, primarily that there is really only one way to see the games here, particularly in rural areas like mine where internet speeds are a near match for carrier pigeons. Our monopoly satellite pay TV provider (Foxtel, half owned by News Corp) shows the games but, whether due to some dumb requirement of MLB or internal corporate idiocy at News or Fox, we receive the feed instead from MLB International. This only happens for the WS; the division and LCS coverage came via ESPN/TBS/Fox just as for the domestic US audience, while in-season games are predominantly from ESPN and, occasionally, Fox regional affiliates.

    This year, the MLBI commentary team is Matt Vasgersian and John Smoltz who, to my ears, are a distinct upgrade on Garry Thorne & co who we’ve had the past couple of years. I know from previous comments that some of you rate Thorne highly but I just can’t escape the feeling he’s better suited to football or horse races. I also know some of you will be thinking I should be grateful not hearing Joe/Harold/Tom…

    However, the biggest problem with the MLBI feed is that we miss out on all the ‘value-add’ features of the broadcast – there’s no superimposed ‘strike zone’ (yes, I know they aren’t really accurate but do give a view to umpire consistency), no slo-mo replays, no mid-game manager interviews, no audio from miked-up players/coaches/umps, and no field level insights from other reporters/analysts. We also seem to miss numerous camera angles. For instance, the ‘misplay’ by Hosmer looked suspiciously like he got a bad hop but we never saw a ‘down the line’ camera angle to confirm/deny. Anyway, enough of that rant for this year.

    A couple of other random thoughts, though… Neither Smoltz nor Vasgersian said it, but I was shouting at the TV when Harvey threw that first pitch. Did none of the Mets coaching staff or Harvey himself view any of the Royals earlier playoff games? Escobar swung at almost every first pitch he saw. Even Curt Schilling (sorry to blaspheme on your otherwise pristine site) said on BBTN the previous day that Harvey wouldn’t throw a fastball first pitch…

    And on the subject of that BBTN World Series pre-game show yesterday, I could not believe that anyone would think it appropriate to insert a discussion of Lenny Dykstra’s claims about umpire blackmailing. And, when asked about it directly, Schilling (sorry, again) commented that he could believe it was all true. Ugh! I now need to go wash my hands.

    Thirty minutes to game time. Go Mets!!


    1. In the past, I was able to buy that bare-bones feed to watch the playoffs on my computer. The limited camera angles were annoying, definitely.


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