Why You Should Root Against The Royals

Remember back when Boston finally broke their win-less streak and took home the crown in 2004? Remember how after about 8 months, the entire fan-base became out-of-control annoying? The Royals have managed to shatter that record, and they have yet to actually win anything, unless stuffing ballot boxes is considered winning these days.

See exhibit A

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Seriously Kansas City. STOP IT with the music videos!

If a terrible taste in music isn’t enough to make you want to punch anyone wearing blue today, let’s not forget that the Royals are managed by the worst manager in baseball, now that Matt Williams has been fired.

Let us also not forget that the Royals have gotten pretty notorious for throwing at the opposition this year.

And of course, one of the biggest reasons to root against the Royals is team owner David Glass, former President and Chief Executive Officer of Wal-Mart.  Glass was one of the leaders behind the 1994 strike, pushing for scab players and is clearly anti-labor.  He advocated a hard salary cap in baseball, not to create any sort of parity in baseball, but to use as an excuse as to why he continues to refuse to spend any money as his team continues to rake in the profits.  When faced with allegations of using child labor to further reduce prices and increase profits, Glass responded “You and I might perhaps, define children differently.”  Because, you see, “looks can be deceiving; Asians are short.”  He also once revoked press credentials of reporters who asked critical questions.

Last season, the Royals were a feel good story.  The little guy who overcame all obstacles to make it back to the playoffs that they have not seen in a long time.  They have managed to completely obliterate all good will in the span of a year and are now a team worthy of your hate.

25 thoughts on “Why You Should Root Against The Royals

  1. In terms of sports, I don’t generally root against anyone. I also don’t take the owner as being a determining factor in who I root for unless all else is essentially equal.
    I was a Reds fan despite Marge Schott’s presence.
    Vince Naimoli did not turn me against being a Devil Rays fan.
    Orioles fans are fans in spite of Peter Angelos.
    Mets fans are fans in spite of the Wilpons.
    Marlins fans are fans in spite of Jeff Loria.
    Perversely, some Yankees fans actually liked them better because of George Steinbrenner.
    I could go on, but it’s an obvious point that there have been a lot of less-than-wonderful people who have owned ball clubs.

    As for obnoxious fans, yes–of course many are bloviating band-wagoners. Every fan base has its share of obnoxious ones anyway, even mine, and they become more apparent with increased levels of success.

    Lastly, be careful which blue-clad fan you elect to sock as the Mets also wear blue.


  2. I want Zobrist and Kris Medlen to have great individual games, but I don’t want the Royals to win this year.

    If anything, I’m rooting for David Wright. He’s a nice guy who cares so much about the game. It would mean the world to him, especially since he had those health issues.


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