Raul Mondesi Jr. added to Royals roster

It’s official:

53770540RMJ will be the first player ever to make a Major League debut in the World Series (he still has to get in a game first…sorta like the end of “Rudy”). As if that was not particularly shocking enough – this is a guy who not only has never played above Double A, he spent all of 2014 in Single A and had a .610 OPS. You could argue he should still be in A ball!

22 thoughts on “Raul Mondesi Jr. added to Royals roster

  1. Nooooo!!!!! Not JOBA!!!!!!! This stinks. Now we only have almost-All Star Omar Infante to mock as Tigers rejects. :/


    1. I was well aware and seriously hoping they got desperate enough in a playoff game to bring him out so I could laugh and laugh and laugh…

      (I actually like Joba, but it would be funny for them to feel our BP pain for once.)


  2. Good thing I don’t need alot of sleep. Something for the suggestion box: we should live blog the game. Just post something at the start of the game, and let’s have at it. I would be up for that. Assuming not all of the games are going to take 5 hours like this one.


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