Red Sox Hire Ruben Amaro Jr. As First Base Coach

Featured imageI just don’t even know where to start with this one.  Can anyone recall a GM dropping all the way down to first base coach?  Is this move really worth it for the Red Sox?  Is Amaro qualified at all for this position?  I mean I guess at first you don’t have to worry about email and stats and math and all.  Did someone just really owe Amaro a favor?  Are the Red Sox just ensuring he’s able to keep his health insurance active?  What’s the deal here?

One would think that Amaro could have found a spot within a different front office as a special assistant or senior adviser to a different GM, as many previously fired GMs have done. For example, former Cubs GM Jim Hendry is currently in the Yankees’ front office, former D-Backs/Padres GM Kevin Towers is with the Reds, former Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi is with the Mets and former Mets GM Omar Minaya spent several seasons as an assistant/adviser in the Padres’ front office before joining the MLBPA. (Those, of course, are just a few recent examples.) Amaro, though, clearly wants to go down a different path than peers who have found themselves in similar situations, and kudos to him for doing so even though it will likely open him up to come criticism.

12 thoughts on “Red Sox Hire Ruben Amaro Jr. As First Base Coach

  1. DD may be an evil genius…

    /phone rings
    RAJ: Hello?
    DD: Dombrowski here.Sorry about the way things ended for you in Philly. Say, how would you like a job? Technically, you’d answer to me, but it’s in management, so we could definitely make use of your foresight and superior analytical skills.
    RAJ: Sounds great. Hey, thanks, Dave.
    DD: What’s a network contact and former competitor for? I’ll fax you the contract.
    /hangs up phone
    DD: trollol

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  2. I have a lot of Phillies Phan Friends, and all of them thought this was am Onion headline at first.

    Then they laughed, then they were puzzled, and finally in shock.

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  3. It’s still an Onion headline. Onion headlines don’t have to be fictional. For example: “Donald Trump Wins Republican Nomination for President; Names Ted Nugent as Running Mate.”


      1. Surely you’re joking, Mrs. Feynman. If you had seen the way my portfolio performed last year, the idea of a “prophet” would never have entered this conversation.


  4. Amaro is much better suited to be an 1B coach than a GM. His FO strengths were always associated with scouting and personal interactions with players….and pretty much none of the things a GM has to do.

    The shocking thing to people should be that he was ever a GM…not that he now has a job he is probably far more qualified for than the one he just had.


  5. Funny how RAJ goes from being GM to first base coach because he wants to manage someday, while down in Gator’s neck of the swamp, Jennings goes directly from the GM chair to managing and appears to have wanted nothing to do with it.

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  6. People wondering why RAJ is treated with such kid gloves (retaining his gm position much longer than he should have, etc.) need to pay attention to the “JR” part of his name. Baseball is nothing if not an old-boys network, and RAJ is a second generation baseball brat. His father played in the sixties and still at age 79 works for a MLB affiliated non-profit organization. They take care of their own. That’s how a marginal player and horrific front office person lands an entry level coaching position with zero bonafides.


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