Holy Crap! Yesterday Was A Busy Day!

ViewsWow, just wow.  When I started the site, I just hoped it to be a really chill place for us to all hang out and discuss whatever topics of the day there are around MLB.  I was not sure what to expect out of the site, would we flame out in a few weeks, or would we continue on for some time?  Honest confession here, I’ve found myself starting to really, truly caring about the growth and success of the site, and have found myself checking the stats on a regular basis.  Since we’ve started, we have steadily grown in popularity, but yesterday was far and away the most popular we have been yet.  I am both humbled by my own lack of posting and proud of the fantastic writers that we have on staff.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.  And I just wanted to take a quick moment to once again, thank you all for your very hard and dedicated work.  Thank you to all of our writers, thank you to all of our supporters, thank you to all who have gotten the word out, and thank you to all of our readers.  And here is to continuing the conversation!


66 thoughts on “Holy Crap! Yesterday Was A Busy Day!

  1. With all those visits you should consider a site re-design. Flashy videos all over the place, infinite scrolling, complete inability to get to anything more than a day old…. yes… that sounds like a great idea!

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      1. Could you put a giant bar that follows you down as your scroll through the post? Not one that sits at the top of the page, but about 10% of the way down as sort of a “hide and seek” with the text?

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  2. Btw, not that I’m playing favorites or anything, but Gator and Historio’s posts really were fantastic and the kind of content you won’t find anywhere else. That is the kind of stuff others will link to, rather than just us linking to others.


    1. Dude, there is no ego here, at least not on my part. Our blog is only as good as the sum of its parts, and Gator and Historio are some pretty awesome parts. 🙂

      I think Scout would agree.

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    2. That is the kind of stuff others will link to, rather than just us linking to others.

      Remember when HBT would link to other writers who did exactly that? Mark Amour’s stuff about best GM’s ever. The posts about declining racial makeup in baseball. Jason’s stuff on the Maddux. IIATMS’s stuff on the broken bats, etc.

      Seems like the only cross-posting they do is with other NBC affiliated people. I mean I sent in note after note, and even commented a few times that Craig should give a shout-out to TomTango’s Fan Scouting Reporting, and nothing was ever mentioned.

      The discourse over there is almost non-existent. It’s basically nbajays1, PL, yahmule, and cur trying to have a conversation while a bunch of monkeys throw shit at each other.

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      1. That is an excellent observation. You are right, when I think about it I realize they haven’t been linking to others hardly at all like they used to. That explains why I have felt less connected with baseball over the past year or so, I used to use HBT as my first stop relying on them to link to anything else I should read. But I haven’t actually clicked many of their links in the past year, almost all of them were to either other NBC writers I wasn’t into (JoePos for instance) or super sentimental writeups of something or other. Almost no links to clever new sabermetrics methodology or in depth rundowns of teams by fan sites or other community type content.

        And yes, I noticed the community problem, the few threads I have read are almost exactly what you stated here. I think Craig significantly underestimated the impact of the community there in making the site readable. They cloned FoxSports’ UI, and it seems they attracted its community.

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      2. HEY!

        I throw shit TOO!

        I don’t think any of my comments can even be construed as a “conversation”…mostly I just point out facts that demonstrate why someone’s dumb opinion is dumb. There is never any back and forth.


      3. Totally agree with COPO and Reflex.

        The amazing thing is that many commenters act like NBC writers are fans of sabermetrics, when they are no such thing. There isn’t a single analytically inclined writer there. Some use stats that were “advanced” in 2000…that’s about as far as it goes.

        Really, the posts are like sleep walking commentaries on news stories. No insights, Nothing clever or funny. Just, “Hey, here is a news story that came across the ticker.”


      4. You all are missing the point. That site is no longer designed for comments. Its new purpose is to put up content from the media source for you to consume. NBC thanks you to not try and produce in a consumption zone. The comment section that remains is only for the defecated remains of what was digested. The content matters less, of course, if it all ends up as piles of internet poo anyway. Don’t waste the gastric constructions of the OG and other delights on grunting palates.

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  3. For what it’s worth, this weekend I will be premiering chapter 1 of Plan Nine from Montreal. This chapter contains the early history of the Feesh and Wayne Huizinga’s dance at the edge of madness (also known as the Macondo Urban Development Boundary). You’ve been warned.

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  4. This may be my fault.

    On an HBT post about David Price yesterday, someone in the comments wrote:

    “What happened to all the cool people who used to comment on here back before the format change? Now all we’ve got is … this.”

    I responded with a link to the blog, noting “You will find some of them here.” And later, “It was “founded” in response to the HBT conversion…those that became writers for it don’t like to advertise on the blog formerly known as HBT….but I don’t write there….so that rule doesn’t apply to me.”

    If many came over for the first time, hopefully some will stay and join the conversation.

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        1. As an undergrad, getting your name in the student paper for being arrested for public urination was something we all tried to avoid…with varying degrees of success.


        2. I know the movie. I’ve seen more old movies than you ever have. I didn’t realize it had become a verb. In the end, all that matters is that we both realize who has all the power here. Be grateful for grand benevolence. Now, I must mourn, for Torii Hunter has retired. 😦


        3. Oh, I’m sure you’ve seen more old movies. Indeed, a girlfriend made me sit through Gaslight. Nearly every old movie or musical I have seen, I have seen because a GF wanted me to see it (rarely was it something they had not already seen). Girls are weird.


        4. See, I would be totally content to let you remain ignorant and unenlightened. But, truthfully, it’s your own fault for being a sucker and doing what they want.


        5. Eh, most of the things I was exposed to were worth the effort….though West Side Story was both silly and boring to me.

          People wanting you to like/love the things they like/love is never a bad thing (well, within reason).


        6. I would never let any guy talk me into watching fishing or some sh!t like that.

          Really, West Side Story was the one you didn’t like? Sigh. You don’t deserve Rita Moreno. Fool.


        7. Not my (or Rita’s) fault that the script was boring or the vast majority of the songs forgettable.


        8. It’s Romeo and Juliet for chrissakes! For that, I’m going to go watch the video of “America” and shake my head at you.


        9. A shitty version of it. Just because you change the clans and add music doesn’t make it the same story…besides, Shakespear is amazing for how he said things…not what he said…most of his plays were rip offs of other people’s plays…he could just write them better than any one else could or can.


        10. You’re not right. Some of the songs in that are classics. Is it my favorite musical? No. But is it a classic? Yes. It is not crappy.


        11. A couple are okay….the “classics”. Otherwise, pretty forgettable songs.

          If that exact same musical came out today it would be ignored.


        12. I don’t think so. Anyway, most notable musicals have some great songs and others that stink (and boring parts).The “musicals” that come out now suck.


        13. BTW, since Maureen O’Hara just passed. Have you see The Quiet Man? It’s my favorite romantic comedy.


        14. I don’t think I have.

          It is a RomCom? I watch a trailer on youtube, instead of comedy they seemed to focus on domestic violence in the trailer.


        15. When a male director makes a film, it is not a rom-com. All my favorite romances have a lot of ass-kicking in them. It’s a good classic (with a 20 minute fight scene).


        1. I spend a lot of my day reading and writing…coming up with ideas for MORE things to write sounds like work.


    1. Thank you so much Paper Lions for that reply on HBT. Regardless of HBT navigation issues, the loss of the folks I loved to read for years made going there a waste of time. I am thrilled that most of you are right here now.

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  5. One more here to give profuse thanks to Paper Lions for that link, to Scout for setting up this site, and to the rest of you for the many contributions I’ve managed to read so far. Just a guess, but I suspect I’m responsible for at least 50 of those page views yesterday as I went back to the very first post and started working my way forward.

    I’ve been a long-term reader of HBT and learned early on it was the comments that made my daily visits worthwhile. And not just for the baseball knowledge apparent and imparted but also for the surprise and delight of threads that would veer off into… wherever, whatever, and usually with large helpings of insight and a sprinkling of good humour.

    Over the years, I posted only a few comments to HBT. Mostly, this was due to simply not having the depth of knowledge needed to contribute anything of value to the discussion. Although I’ve been a fan of the game for many decades, it is hard to develop a deep understanding of baseball’s intricacies when you live down here on the other side of the Pacific among heathens brought up on another game featuring a red ball and up to five days for a result. At least my use of actual English rather than that bastardised Merriam-Webster rubbish brought some amused comment in response.

    Unsurprisingly, I was also very dismayed with the HBT redesign efforts. With a career in many facets of IT behind me, it was pretty obvious what had happened all the way from ‘the bright idea’ of some young marketing type down to the lack of any apparent acceptance testing followed by the actual users being co-opted into providing the ‘D’ in R&D. As each subsequent week has passed, HBT generally, plus the volume and quality of comment specifically, has steadily declined to the point where it’s just not worth my time any more.

    However, as dumb luck would have it, I chose yesterday to go back for a look and found the link Paper included. I’m now looking forward to catching up on many weeks of comments in between watching what I hope will be a classic world series. I’ve long preferred the NL-style game (and, hence, despise the DH) and really, really enjoy pitching duels, so will be leaning towards the Mets. But I’m also pleased to see KC come back for another shot. And they play pretty much like an NL team anyway, right? Here’s hoping for a game seven!

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    1. Baseball, to me, is a game that is best shared with a community. You don’t always have to know everything, or be the smartest kid in the room, but if you love the game, are passionate about it, it shows.

      I don’t always have the stats. I don’t keep up with all of the SABR stuff (even though I enjoy it and give serious props to those who do). But I know what I know and I’m sure that everyone has their niche that they specialize in. What I think our blog does is allow us to spread the love of baseball in every way. Like I said above, our blog is the sum of our parts, and when we knit it together, we are an awesome quilt.

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  6. A portion of that extra traffic came from me after following the link to here in the comments at the other place. Had a lot of catching up to do with all the great commenters who had disappeared from the old place. First time I hit the other site after the redesign I thought there was something wrong with my computer. Soon found it wasn’t just me — or my computer. Took a while longer to realize that it wasn’t going to be “fixed.” I’m grateful to those who figured that out long before I did and got this place going. I need all the help I can get to get through the long, cold, dark offseason that begins all to soon.

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