A most average interval

numbersWhile do not yet know who will win the World Series, we do know this – they were due. Not overdue, and not ahead of schedule. They were due.

There are 30 teams in Baseball right now, which means that all things equal, a team should win the World Series once every 30 years. The Royals last won the World Series 30 years ago, the Mets 29 years ago. This is a very unique thing. For starters only the Pirates in 1925 and the Giants in 1921 won the World Series with the exact interval of years between wins based on number of teams (16 years at that time). No other World Series winner has been within 5. And secondly, since both teams playing cannot be the exact interval of years since the last win, this is as close as it can be going in (Royals exact, Mets one off). Even in the years that the interval was correct, the Pirates played the reigning champ, and the Giants played a team that had never won.

33 thoughts on “A most average interval

  1. This has nothing to do with this post… but I stumbled upon this site this morning… I can’t remember who… but someone posted it deep in the latest David Price Article comments. I didn’t comment TOO frequently at HBT but read it every day. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand the redesign… In other words: ” I FOUND YOU! MY PEOPLE!”!!!!!
    Don’t mean to re-hash something that has probably been said 3879645892345689236745 times in previous comments and articles on this site… but anyways good to see you all!

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    1. couldn’t STAND the redesign. GOD DAMMIT, WHERE’S THE EDIT FUNCTION!

      These are comments I would have made – had DelawarePhillies fan not stepped in and edited my comment 😉

      Gosh golly, I sure do like this site better than HBT


    2. This site’s very existence is the single most damning thing about the HBT redesign. All the writers and virtually all the commenters were regular commenters on HBT. Some never comment there now, many do still–but much less frequently.

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  2. Who’s everyone pulling for in this series?

    My own decision matrix went as follows:
    Obviously, I am a Rays fan, so former Rays on WS rosters: Wade Davis, Ben Zobrist. Advantage: Royals
    I grew up a Reds fan. Former Reds: Edinsin Volquez, Johnny Cueto. Advantage: Royals
    My 85-year-old mother is the person who instilled baseball fandom in me and is a life-long Cubs fan; she was 15 last time they were in the WS. The Mets just pantsed them and extended that streak by another year. Advantage: Royals

    Pretty clear who I’ll be rooting for!


    1. Royals are attempting to cut in line when the Tigers are overdue and except for our injuries, they cannot beat us — plus the intentional hbp’s, so Go, Mets!

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    2. I am pulling for the Royals. Not because I like them that much, but because the Wilpons are truly odious individuals and it would sicken me to see them hoisting a trophy.


      1. David Glass and family are just as bad or worse…the Wilpon’s are definitely more bungling and lil’ Pon is embarrassing…but Glass family is the guy most responsible from turning Walmart into the employee friendly Made-in-the USA touting store of the 1980s into the community killing, crap selling story it became.

        Really, there are few owners that wouldn’t sicken most people that root for their teams if we were privy to how they made their money.


      2. I explained this elsewhere, I’m no fan of Wal*Mart, but that narrative is one that applies to virtually everyone in that space. Furthermore, Glass ran WM from 1973 forward, meaning that he was as responsible for the former reputation as the latter (arguably less, he left the role of president and chief executive in 1999).

        Meanwhile the Wilpons knowingly participated in a massive ponzi scheme, including recruiting new victims, tormented and drove out a female executive who was pregnant for their own ‘moral’ reasons and of course continue to employ an openly homophobic player. Plus they employed someone to actually troll websites like HBT to defend their reputation during the Madoff trials.

        I think they are worse human beings. Glass at worst was great at being a capitalist with little human feeling. That sucks that that is the vast majority of people in my experience. The Wilpons are deliberate and active predators, both on the large scale and the individual scale, harming others with intent.

        I agree that few owners would be considered to be great people. But it will nauseate me if I see Jeff holding that trophy.


      3. I’m actually not, Historio. I would have been fine rooting for the Jays or Cubs over the Royals, but that wasn’t in the cards. Nor were the Cards.


      4. There is no way to gloss over all the horrible things that Glass did to our economy and his employees during his tenure. If you’re spiting a team because of its owner, none of them are clean.


      5. Reflex, you’re telling me that guy we were all accusing of being in the Wilpons’ pocket (or if being one of the Wilpons) every time he showed up in the HBT comments section really was in their pocket?! I’m highly amused! (…and a little amazed that an owner would bother being that petty while so poor at PR)


      6. Historio –

        The question is not if they are ideal. The question is who is worse than who. I think you are making a very false equivilence between “Hard driving but legal capitalism that takes the country in a direction I personally don’t like” and “Scam artist who intentionally screwed people over while avoiding all responsibility for his role in a Ponzi scheme who also personally abused one of his employees until she quit.”

        I can sort of buy the idea that on balance Wal*Mart is a worse evil, although its a shared worse evil and one where its customers are a big part of the problem. I would argue that its scope was larger. But it was also a legal operation and its effects are a result of our chosen policies by our leaders. By comparison the Wilpons are basically criminals who were able to buy their way out of trouble, both in the Ponzi scheme and by paying off the woman who Jeff personally abused. I’m sorry, but that changes someone from being a proponent of a society I do not agree with into being directly and intentionally evil and inflicting that evil on others.

        I really do not understand why this distinction is going over your head. I feel you are creating a very false comparison.

        raysfan – It is not exactly clear who that poster was, but things he posted were often posted before there was any public knowledge of them. It was either a member or employee of the family, or a member of their attorney’s office.

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      7. We are talking about morality. Something being legal is about what rich people want to be allowed…not what should be allowed.

        Legality should NEVER be the measuring stick. Morality should be…because what is legal changes based on who can pay for laws to change…what is moral is much more difficult to change.

        Glass has been far more destructive than Wilpon.

        In addition, Glass didn’t “run” Walmart until 1988, when he was named CEO. He held high positions, but until then someone else was in charge.


      8. Morality is personal. By your standard there is no way to have a standard discussion. I also do not agree in general, what Wal*Mart has done has been replicated and indeed was done prior to them by many many others, and is legal and accepted in society. You feel it is immoral, and in fact so do I, but at least half the country does not.

        What the Wilpons did was illegal and immoral, and the vast majority agree with that. I also am not convinced the scale was all that different given how many charities and retirement funds were wiped out, but that is a different discussion.

        By the standard you seem to be implying, those who commit heinous crimes against relatively small numbers of people are ‘better’ than those who commit minor but legal acts against a large portion of the population. Sorry, I can’t buy into that mentality.


        1. Me too – ordinarily it is a no-brainer when an intra-division enemy who threw at your own teams head several times in the past month is in the World Series – you cheer against them. But the Royals are world class jerks.


  3. The Beast and David Wright.. advantage Mets
    Daniel Murphy and Mets fans and Harvey.. advantage Royals
    Ventura and Volquez.. advantage Mets.
    Cain and the Granite Greek… advantage Royals.
    Guess I’ll just have to enjoy it for it’s ownself.

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  4. I guess….I don’t care much who wins. I don’t want to see either the Wilpon’s or the Glass family win.

    It would be cool to see Collins win after all the crap he’s been dished out…and to see Flores win after thinking he was traded. Really, there aren’t any players on that team I can’t stand (obviously, Murphy’s homophobia is an issue….but he was just dumb enough to say it out loud…I’d be shocked if about 1/2 the players on each team don’t agree with him).

    There are some giant asshats on the Royals: Hosmer is a dick, Cueto (self explanatory), Ventura (same)…throwing at guys intentionally doesn’t win me over.

    So…I guess I would be happier if the Mets won…but I’ll be happy that either fan base gets to celebrate a championship for the first time in a generation.

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  5. I’d prefer to see the Mets win for a few reasons:

    There is no one on the Royals that I like as a player with the exception of Ben Zobrist;
    I’d love to see David Wright get a ring;
    But mainly, having the Mets win the World Series would drive a lot of Yankees fans crazy, and that’s a good thing.

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  6. I guess I’d prefer the Mets for two reasons:

    I don’t like the Royals especially after the 4 game set back in the summer against the Jays. Threw at them 4 times and hit them twice, no call. Jays hit one of them in the leg and immediately get tossed. I know, hate the Ump, but the umps didn’t throw the ball. Not to mention that game 6 thing… and
    The Mets have a couple of almost Jays that I was really bummed to lose without getting to see what all the hype was about – moreso with d’Arnaud than Syndegaard. Not sure how much I’ll watch the series though.

    At least there’s only about 4 months until pitchers and catchers report!

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