St. Pete City Council Approves Measure Allowing Rays to Look Around

lgo_mlb_tampa_bay_raysFinally, some kinda sorta positive news for the Tampa Bay Rays on the stadium front. The St. Petersburg City Council, which in the past has vetoed all measures to allow the Rays to look at stadium sites outside of St. Petersburg, has approved a proposal which would allow the Rays to look outside of city limits, like Tampa and the I-4 corridor. The bad news is that it comes at higher cost than the Rays have said they were willing to pay to break their agreement in the past, because they are cheap bastards.

According to the Tampa Bay Times:

“Council member Jim Kennedy’s plan passed by a 5-3 vote. It would require the team to pay a $5 million charge for demolition and $4 million a year once they vacate the Trop. If they leave in 2020, the Rays would pay $33 million.

That’s a third more than a second proposal, by council Chairman Charlie Gerdes, that wasn’t taken up for a vote. Kennedy’s plan nearly doubles what the Rays would have paid in a deal council members rejected in May.

The Rays currently have no comment.

13 thoughts on “St. Pete City Council Approves Measure Allowing Rays to Look Around

  1. That is positive. I wouldn’t expect much comment from the Rays as yet. If they settle on a site, they will beyond doubt either try to negotiate that down, get Hillsborough County/Tampa to pay it for them, and/or litigate.

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  2. As an aside, I follow Antonio French on Twitter — something I started when the Ferguson stuff first happened (he live tweets from the protests) — and his comments on the Rams stadium efforts has been interesting to follow. Every city councilperson should be so critical when it comes to stadium funding efforts.


    • On that, there’s no guarantee the Rams get NFL OK to move, for multiple reasons.

      One is that three NFL teams have all hinted about LA.

      Two is that Stan Kroenke is not only the least liked of the three owners, he’s unpopular among his colleagues in general.

      In St. Louis, he’s so inept at public communication that Dan Dierdorf recently compared him unfavorably to old football Cards owner Bill Bidwell, and it’s hard to be that bad.


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