Gambling Scandal Rocks Japanese Baseball

The US is not the only country currently facing a massive gambling scandal.  Turns out, gambling on professional sports is an equal opportunity issue. The Washington Post has the story.

Days before the Japanese World Series begins, the sport is being rocked by a gambling scandal involving several pitchers for the country’s oldest team.

Two more pitchers from the Yomiuri Giants were called out by Nippon Professional Baseball for betting on pro games, joining Giants pitcher Satoshi Fukuda, who allegedly bet on his team and Major League Baseball games. According to the Associated Press, Fukuda did not appear for the top team this season and could not have fixed games. However, gambling is a violation of the NPB charter.

Although pitchers Shoki Kasahara and Ryuya Matsumoto admitted to gambling on baseball, they were not fixing games.

Gambling on professional sports is illegal in Japan, so those offenders may face more than simply being banned from their respective sports as police are now involved.

Kasahara, the team said, was found to have bet on 10 professional baseball games between April and October last year and on high school baseball games. Matsumoto bet on more than 10 games between June and October last year. Fukuda, trying to win back over $8,000 in gambling losses on high school games, bet on 10 NPB games and 10 major league games.

3 thoughts on “Gambling Scandal Rocks Japanese Baseball

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  2. I was really disappointed to hear about this story. Players should think who they are and how they should behave themselves. They have to think about money out of the field and they must concentrate only baseball on the field.


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