Breaking News: Don Mattingly Leaves Dodgers

From CBS Sports

Don Mattingly and the Dodgers will part ways, sources tell CBS Sports.

The decision is being described as mutual.

Dodgers higherups like Mattingly very much, but it was apparent there wasn’t support for the long-term. Word is Mattingly felt he was treated very well by baseball president Andrew Friedman and others, but the sides ultimately decided it was better to move on.

An announcement is expected later Thursday.

Mattingly won three straight division titles with the Dodgers, becoming the first Dodgers manager ever to do that and also make the playoffs in three straight. But Mattingly bore the heavy burden of outsized expectations.

The parting of ways comes as a bit of a shock, as the Dodgers did really well this year and as far as anyone can tell both parties were fairly happy with each other.  The current running theory is that Mattingly was looking for a long term contract and management was hesitant at best.

Mattingly should have no problems finding a new home as there are several potions open at the moment and he’s had a pretty successful tenure in Los Angeles.  He’s shown he can manage in a major market, under different ownership’s, with multiple high value contracts and varying personalities on his roster.  He does receive some criticism however for his in game decision making.

The Dodgers for their part should have no problems filling the vacancy as the team is in a pretty good position to remain contenders and well, what’s not to love about L.A., am I right?

Thanks to @professormaddog31 for the tip!

18 thoughts on “Breaking News: Don Mattingly Leaves Dodgers

      1. Ackcherley, the indefatigable Joe Frisaro,’s Feesh node whose divinity sleeps but whose keyboard is always wakeish, has already posted to the Rainbow Warrior’s officially captive web site that the front orifice “has an interest” in speaking with Donnie Baseball.

        This is of course an understatement since Scrooge McLoria is well known to harbor a priapism as long as Pinocchio’s nose after his testimony before the House committee on Benghazi for Donnie Baseball. Many of his few gnomic pronouncements on what one might think were unrelated topics are, as any good deconstructionist-feminist critics could have told you, mere phallic indicators of his homosocial hysteria to utilitize yet another icon, especially one who doesn’t oscillate uncontrollably like Muhammad Ali or tinkle the edges of the executive urinals like Slobbering Ozzie. Scrooge came of his mature acquisitive infantilism while Donnie Baseball was playing for a long succession of hapless Borg squads (and has projected onto the Feesh precisely that experience, studding his franchise with short-lived star tenures unafraid of the collateral demage). Just ask Vincent Price or Charles Schultz. Much of this, of course, is probably mere sublimation of his frustrated urge to be buried next to Joe DiMaggio.

        Now, since everyone has been speculating down here in our gradually submerging subtropical parrotdice that the Feesh “have an interest” in Donnie Baseball – I mean, our spawrts torque raydeeo pandits and Macondo Feeshwrapper scribes alike have been blithering and blathering about it within the interstitial augenblicks boundaryizing basketball and football tork for yonks now – it may well be that Frisaro was simply meeting his communications-theory-hates-a-vacuum quota with this post.

        Or maybe he ackcherley knows something.

        Either way, Larry Bowa is still up two interviews to none.


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