NCLS Game 4 – Mets v. Cubs 8 PM ET

2015NLCSlogoOr Matz vs. Cubs. See what I did there? Haha. Okay. Fine. Whatever. The Mets will attempt to close out the series tonight while the Cubs try to be the second team in CLS history to come back from a 0-3 deficit to win the title. The other team to accomplish that feat was also fronted by Theo Epstein and was also supposedly cursed. Can lightning strike twice? Will Murphy ever stop hitting home runs? Both the Mets and Cubs have fan bases that are pessimistic and fatalistic. Mets fans are sure that the Mets will find a way to blow this. Cubs fans are certain they’re cursed. Something has to give. The Cubs have Hammel on the mound. Watch tonight. Discuss here. Or not. Do what makes you happy.

Anyhow, Happy Back to the Future Day! Did you know that Eric Stoltz was originally Marty McFly but was too method and dark?

23 thoughts on “NCLS Game 4 – Mets v. Cubs 8 PM ET

  1. Much like Hendricks last night, I’ll be surprised if Hammel is allowed to face hitters a third time through the order. They both tend to fall apart quickly at that point, if they haven’t already.


  2. Remember when the Cubs were able to flip Samardzija and Hammel for Addison Russell?

    I wonder if they could flip Hammel for a half-stack of flapjacks right now….


  3. Ray Bradbury writes this? Science fiction? Sheesus, scientific understanding in the US is worse than ever imagined. HR =/= science fiction. smdh


      1. Maybe not….but I’m willing to be that you enjoy the hell out of the Cubs off season. I think they are going to make more moves to sure up the rotation and outfield. If they sign Heyward away from StL, I’ll be really pissed…because then I’ll have to root for him to break and I’d rather not do that..


      2. The offseason should be interesting, that’s for sure.

        Not sure about Heyward, because the Cubs need a CF. Fowler will be looking for a long-term deal after the season he’s had, and I truly wish him good luck finding it elsewhere. I’m pretty sure Soler would have a hard time playing any other OF spot, so he’s kinda stuck in RF. So regardless of how much of a defensive upgrade Heyward would be compared to Soler (and it would be huge), I just don’t see that as an easy fit. If Heyward can slide over to CF I could get on board, as long as he’s not costing some insane amount. There’s still a ton of impact OF bats in the system, and while I don’t want to wait on them forever, it would be nice to be able to find a spot for one that has a Bryant/Schwarber type of hyper-rapid ascension.

        As for the rotation….I know a lot of fans want Price, and I wouldn’t be upset if that happened, but I think they will look for someone to fill the #3 spot rather than getting another #1 type.


      3. I hope you are right. The Cardinals have some OF depth, but none of it is the player that Heyward is….just love having him on the team.


        1. Someone in my fantasy baseball league who is a Red Sox fan just suggested the idea of trading Betts for Schwarber, pretty much straight up.

          He is beyond in love with Schwarber’s power and figures with the wall in LF at Fenway, he wouldn’t be too much of a defensive liability at home and he could DH a lot on the road. And, as mentioned earlier, the Cubs will be needing a new CF.

          The chances of it actually happening are probably less than zero, but it’s a somewhat interesting thought….


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