ALCS Game 5 — Blue Jays v Royals (already in progress pm)

Ok, CanadaFeatured image, this is it. Bring it, eh? Or, we are done with AL baseball for awhile.  I feel like we could use a little Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive” to pep (clap) you up.

Let’s see some moves, some strut, some [censored] bat flips! It’s still a series. Get it.

32 thoughts on “ALCS Game 5 — Blue Jays v Royals (already in progress pm)

  1. I was getting ready to publish an ALCS GOTD on my itty bitty cell phone since y’all were slacking and I just got off work. You know know how much WordPress app sucks on a cell phone? Godnabbit. All that work for nothing.

    The Jays have the Royals right where they want them–in an elimination game with Estrada on the mound.

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  2. LOL Frank Thomas: Kids at home, learn to perfect your change up.

    I think Frank was ready to squash Rose during the post-game show.


  3. That inane Fox crew really makes me shake my head… they can turn on a dime and don’t realize how stupid they look doing it.

    On Kelvin Herrera, after Colabello strikes out: His stuff is nasty… this Royals bullpen is so deep…just what the Royals need to limit any further damage… he can silence any offense in the game… blah, blah, blah

    After the next pitch, where Tulo clears the bases with a three-run double: This Toronto lineup is just so deep… they can bust out at any time… Tulo can hit any pitcher in the game…. blah, blah, blah

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    And I take back all the bad things I ever said about Joe Buck…. Harold Reynolds is infinitely worse.


      • Nope, didn’t have to. Sportsnet might have to carry the Fox game feed, but the between innings stuff and the post-game is all their own guys: Jamie Campbell, Pat Tabler, Buck Martinez and Gregg Zaun. Beats the hell out of Pete Rose any day.


      • Ernie Johnson really does make Joe Buck look competent, which is quite the impressive feat. And Ripken/Reynolds is pretty much a tossup as well.

        I muted this Cubs game a long while ago. They score here in the 7th, I’ll turn it off completely.


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