NLCS Game Three – Mets @ Cubs (7:00pm Deep Dish Pizza Time)


Of course this is a must-win game for the Cubs. Going down 3-0 is pretty much the end of this thing.  Not that already being down 2-0 is a walk in the park.

Since the LCS went to a best-of-seven format, there have been 60 teams to drop the first two games. Only thrice has one of those teams come back to win and advance to the World Series.

Two of those three times were in 1985, as both the Royals and Cardinals lost the first two games on the road before advancing to the WS that year.
What else happened in 1985? Marty McFly hopped in his DeLorean and came to the year 2015 and saw that the Cubs won the World Series.

I still believe the Cubs will win the WS this year. Because if they don’t, that means movies aren’t real, and I refuse to live in such a world.

14 thoughts on “NLCS Game Three – Mets @ Cubs (7:00pm Deep Dish Pizza Time)

  1. Back to the Future, released in 1985, showed Marty going back to the year 1955 and it predicted no such thing. Back to the Future II, released in 1989, not 1985, predicted the Cubs would win the World Series. 😛 /throws deep dish pizza


    1. The Back to the Future II WS was between the Cubs and Miami. That already proves Robert Zemekis, et al were failures as prophets–first because the Marlins are in the NL, second because they were terrible this year!

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  2. Why limit ourselves to the LCS when there are World Series’ to draw from with the 2-3-2 format? Off the top of my head, the Yanks in ’96 would seem to give the Jays hope,

    checks historical record

    Well, since 1969 (I had to stop checking at some point) it looks like the ’71 Pirates, ’78 Yankees, ’81 Dodgers, the ’85 Royals and the ’86 Mets all accomplished the feat, with the Royals also coming back from down 3-1. There were 19 teams that finished off the series after going up 2-0, but adding the World Series results certainly softens the enormity of the task ahead.


  3. I don’t know why the offense decided to take a vacation for this series…..and I don’t know why the defense decided to join them tonight.

    I’m done. If they come back to force a game seven, I’ll watch it. But otherwise, I’m done. I don’t need to watch my team get dressed just to not play. I saw enough of that the last few years.

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    1. This is a feeling you should probably work on getting used to….considering the fact that the Cubs should be in the post season annually for a while.

      9 of 10 teams end the season with the hollow feeling of what might have been..

      Again, the playoffs are a crap shoot. Any team can have a few bad games or some bad babip luck for a week and be done. Look at the Cardinals/Cubs. If the Cardinals don’t throw the ball around the infield to gift the Cubs 5 runs in game 2, the likely start the series 2-0. In game 4, if Lackey can just get the freaking pitcher out, the Cubs don’t score 4 runs that inning and the Cubs’ season may have ended after game 4. In the post season, there are always little moments that gave a series away (errors, missed scoring opportunities, etc.).

      It isn’t like facing Harvey, Syndergaard, and DeGrom is an easy task. No one matches up well with the Mets front 4 right now.

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      1. I’m really not pointing at any specific moments in this series. It just feels like only one of the teams is playing, like the Cubs never got the memo that the series started. And of course I’ll be watching the game tonight. I don’t know how not to.

        There will come a day that my rational brain will emerge from its scared little hidey-hole and assert the fact that, despise falling utterly flat in the LCS, this has been a wildly successful baseball season. Yesterday was not that day. Today probably won’t be that day, and if today goes as badly as I expect, it won’t be tomorrow either. But it will happen eventually.


        1. Yeah, at some point you’ll come around to…”hey, that season fuckin’ rocked! Bryant, Russel, Schwarb, Rizzo, Arrieta! holy crap that team was fun….too bad they lost in the NLCS, but it was still great fun.”

          How long that takes seems to be person specific…generally some time between now and never.


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