Don’t believe the hype, MLB on TV is doing just fine

tv3Maybe it’s the large markets in Chicago, New York, LA, and St. Louis, but MLB is enjoying record breaking viewership levels.  But, we all know that baseball is really on life support, because the game is too slow, Football is too exciting, and people are reading more books than ever.  Or something like that.

The MLB postseason continues to deliver big TV audiences for game coverage. TBS announced today that through Game 2 of the National League Championship Series between the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets, the series is the cable channel’s most viewed MLB league championship ever.

The series is averaging 7.2 million total viewers through the first two games, and postseason viewership on the channel is up a whopping 42% from 2014.

Additionally, live streaming for the MLB postseason is up 137% across Turner’s TV Everywhere platforms, with social media impressions up 360% throughout the MLB postseason.

“This year’s NLCS coverage is up 53% among total viewers and 37% in U.S. HH rating over the network’s NLCS coverage in 2013 (St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers — 4.7 million total viewers; 3.0 U.S. HH rating), with increases of 41% in total viewers and 32% in U.S. HH rating when compared with last year’s ALCS coverage on TBS (Kansas City Royals vs. Baltimore Orioles — 5.1 million total viewers; 3.1 U.S. HH rating),” TBS said in its announcement.

Those are some pretty large numbers.  I’d imagine they would be even higher if MLB didn’t hide so many prime games on it’s own private television network, and impose insanely stupid online restrictions.

The-Bad-News-BearsWith all of that said, baseball is currently struggling with an aging fan-base.  A lot of what made baseball so popular for so many years was that it’s love was so often passed down from generation to generation.  Fathers and Sons, Mothers and daughters, the best part of baseball for many of us was spending quality time together gathering around the television or radio, or finding a perfect place somewhere along the baseline.  These days, there seems to be an increasing disconnect between so many parents and children, and that love of the game simply isn’t getting passed down the way it used to.

4 thoughts on “Don’t believe the hype, MLB on TV is doing just fine

  1. Well, the US is getting older, so baseball’s audience is getting older. I bet baseball’s audience has always skewed a little older than other sports. It’s just that the number is getting closer to death now.

    I read a joke somewhere that it is a suprise baseball doesn’t call itself “Artisan Baseball.” It is so stubborn, stodgy, resistant to change and fun. Stop being so old. Us parents are doing our best, but there is a lot of competition for our entertainment dollars.

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  2. Could it be that the lack of Giants and Cardinals is helping here? I know I don’t watch as much when its those two teams in the playoffs. I know a lot of folks with Giants/Cards fatigue.


    1. Yep….everyone has seen that show, fewer people tune in for re-runs.

      It is kinda silly, but change the laundry and suddenly people that aren’t fans of either team will watch more to root for or against the new laundry.


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